Wistia Unveils Live Feature To Empower Webinars

Published: October 20, 2022

Wistia, a video marketing platform, launched Wistia Live, a new feature that seeks to empower B2B marketers to create, host, market and analyze the impact of webinars and live events. This new addition aims to help marketers transform their single-use webinar content into a treasure trove of engaging, valuable video content for B2B audiences.

Wistia Live includes several features that enable users to:

  • Create engaging and frictionless webinars and live events from within the Wistia platform;
  • Host live events that are automatically recorded and hosted in Wistia;
  • Market and collect new leads via event registration and embed the recordings on the website; and
  • Analyze and keep track of webinar performance and on-demand video results, all from one place.

“Marketers love everything about webinars, except the actual process of making one happen,” said Chris Savage, Wistia’s CEO and Co-founder, in a statement. “The entire ‘going live’ process is incredibly stressful and challenging, all to create a live event that is largely lost to time. We are flipping the script on this. With Wistia Live, we’re giving our customers a single, powerful tool to create effective webinars and live videos with value that extends well beyond the day of the event.”

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