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New Benchmarks & Insights Into Lead Nurturing

wp shadow template 200pxThe benchmarks and tactics and benchmarks associated with lead nurturing are quickly evolving. Download this executive brief to discover the best practices for executing and measuring lead nurturing programs from experts Jon Miller, VP and Co-Founder of Marketo, and Corinne Sklar, CMO and Digital Marketing Practice Lead of Bluewolf.

Three Steps to Customer-Focused Alignment Between Sales & Marketing

insideview wp 8-2013 drc capCompanies that make use of sales-enablement tools and practices empower their reps to become more productive, maximize their selling efforts, create better initial contact with prospects, and close more deals. This white paper explores how to craft a sales process that puts an immediate and consistent focus on buyer expectations, needs, and demands.

2013 Lead Management Optimization — Key Trends Analysis

savo wp drc capMarketing is clearly committed to improving the level of support to sales, but there are challenges to delivering on that promise. While budgets remain tight, the CMOs interviewed for this white paper, 2013 Lead Management Optimization — Key Trends Analysis, shared their forward-thinking strategies for sustaining the efforts of sales to turn interest into revenue.

Marketing Automation: Should We Or Shouldn’t We?

Shadow netFactor WP Marketing AutomationMany companies aspire to full-blown marketing automation, but it takes a great deal of time and resources to get to that “promised land.” Instead, many companies take incremental steps to reach their goals and keep their businesses moving forward.

This white paper highlights some of the latest tools and tactics companies are using to achieve greater visibility into web site visitors and access deeper insights into who clicked on an email and visited your web site.

Unlocking Internal Business Connections

wp shadow template 200px 3-1As the old adage goes, it’s not necessarily what you know but who you know…and who your colleagues, customers and industry connections know. When salespeople have to make 50 or more cold calls a day, the “no’s” are bound to pile up. Relationship economics turns a cold call into a warm introduction when the sales team is armed with crucial information about a prospect’s level of familiarity with their company and its employees.

This white paper spotlights the business-wide benefits of relationship economics. Topics to be discussed include:

  • Competition remains fierce and relationships are the key differentiators;
  • It is easier to quantify the value of connections when they are shared in a cohesive and automated fashion; and
  • You must go beyond title and look at a connection’s company, frequency and depth of their interactions, and their role in their organization as an influencer, among other factors.

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2013 Webinar Benchmark Report

on24 wbr wp drc capWebinars remain the go-to solution for marketing, training and corporate communication, and the global economic downturn continues to drive use of this versatile and cost-communication effective tool. The latest edition of the ON24 Webinar Benchmark Report outlines some of the key yardsticks when it comes to promotion, registration, attendance and post-webinar activities.