SDL Launches AI-Powered Content Assistant Designed To Summarize Complex Documents

Published: September 3, 2019

SDL, a global language and content management solutions provider, unveiled its SDL Content Assistant, a tool that aims to create easily digestible copy from lengthy documents via extracts and snippets.

Powered by Hai — SDL’s Linguistic AI™, Content Assistant seeks to simplify the content creation process of reading through long documents, which could normally take content and marketing teams hours to review. The tool enables marketers and content creators to drop large documents, such as reports, white papers and complex research materials, into the assistant where it will summarize the document and provide insight.

The solution is also designed to:

  • Pull promotable blurbs for marketers to distribute;
  • Allow users to choose the length of the summary needed through the Slider feature;
  • Use keywords to extract topics that marketers want to focus on;
  • Publish short pieces from extracted content directly to social media through the Scratchpad feature; and
  • Translate snackable content instantly to reach global audiences.

“Many AI tools are more developers’ toys than practical real-world business solutions. Needing in-depth technical knowledge to operate, they remain inaccessible to most marketers,” said Jim Saunders, Chief Product Officer at SDL, in a statement. “SDL Content Assistant is different. It has been built with marketers in mind but is highly intuitive and will make a difference to anyone involved in creating content.”

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