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ZoomInfo Copilot homepage

ZoomInfo Copilot Works To Blend First- & Third-Party Data With Gen AI To Predict Pipeline

ZoomInfo is a go-to-market platform designed to help businesses find, acquire and grow their customers by delivering accurate,…

Solution Spotlight June 26
Pam Didner
Mechanical engineering project concept, engine draft plan drawing, technical scheme blueprint, paper sheet with gears and pencil 3D isometric vector illustration, repair tutorial.

The Blueprint For A Winning B2B GTM Strategy

In case you missed it, my co-host Klaudia Tirico and I kicked off season 10 of the “B2B…

Blog June 26
teamwork and development concept people holding abstract geometric shapes and gears

Empathize To Realign: Demandbase Experts Weigh In On Keys To Sales & Marketing Alignment

Despite repeated proclamations about the importance of interdepartmental alignment, sales and marketing still go together like oil and…

Industry News June 25
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