Web Seminars

How To Turn Your Resource Center Into A Demand Gen Machine

For many companies, the resource center of their website turns into a content graveyard, rather than a dynamic driver of traffic, engagement and leads.  Set aside 30 minutes of your day to learn how leading organizations are transforming their resource centers into “demand generation machines” by creating a content experience that makes it easy for visitors to find relevant content that converts.

The Formula For Creating Killer Content Campaigns

An Inside Look At The Content, Engagement Strategies And Results From The Top B2B Campaigns From 2014 This webinar will present insights into changing trends around content consumption among business executives, as well as snapshots of some of the winning campaigns from the 2014 Killer Content Awards.

Five Strategies for Increasing Event ROI

Marketers face intense pressure to deliver programs that drive sales and achieve positive ROI. But understanding the effectiveness of marketing events can be challenging. Learn five high level strategies for increasing visibility into your events, achieving break-out ROI, and getting more value from event data.

Optimizing Campaigns For Multiple Channels, Screens & Audiences

More Americans will access online content from a mobile device than through a desktop computer by 2015, and content marketing has to keep pace with the desire to view content on multiple devices and multiple channels. During this webinar, Paul Danter, VP of Sales and Marketing at Genwi, will present new findings from the recent report, “Mobile Content Distribution Strategies,”…

Benchmarking the Buyers Journey

How effective are your marketing efforts at stimulating the buyer journey? The answer to that question literally validates the existence of marketers, and the marketing dollars that fuel their efforts. Strange then that it should be such an elusive measure of success. Most marketing and sales teams struggle to map the buyers journey, as it relates to their pipeline, simply…