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The Top Three In-Demand Digital Marketing Skills & What They Pay

GiannaphotoAugust2017Digital marketing skills, specifically tech-based skills, continue to drive demand for high-end, niche talent in the 2017 marketplace. With the limited talent pool available in the U.S., professionals with these skills are seeing a surge in their value from businesses looking to integrate new technologies and strategies to get an edge over their competitors.

Cracking The Code On B2B Technology Selling

1Steve HeuringIn the world of B2B technology, it used to be that marketing and sales efforts were primarily targeted at the IT department. But now more than ever, business decision makers are involved. According to Forrester Research, 73% of North American B2B technology spending is business-led or heavily influenced by business leaders. IT purchase decision makers now include general managers, business development executives and heads of functions such as marketing, finance and human resources—and many of these roles have their own technology budgets. Technology sellers need an approach that also speaks to the business decision maker.

New Benchmarks & Insights Into Lead Nurturing

wp shadow template 200pxThe benchmarks and tactics and benchmarks associated with lead nurturing are quickly evolving. Download this executive brief to discover the best practices for executing and measuring lead nurturing programs from experts Jon Miller, VP and Co-Founder of Marketo, and Corinne Sklar, CMO and Digital Marketing Practice Lead of Bluewolf.

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