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Maximizing Performance With Sales Coaching

Sales teams don’t transform overnight. It takes steady and consistent training over time. This infographic from ValueSelling Associates offers seven best practices to help your sales reps go the distance.

B2B Demand Generation Myths

Before planning your next marketing campaign, ensure that you are familiar with what B2B demand generation entails. This infographic from Thomson Data busts eight of the most prevalent falsehoods about demand generation.

The State Of AI-Fueled Sales Enablement

It is a prime time in the B2B ecosystem for digital transformation. This is especially true for B2B sellers who struggle with manual and tedious tasks and spend their working hours on researching prospects and customers, customizing assets in advance of prospect meetings and ongoing training/learning about prospects’ products and new releases. But with innovations in sales enablement technology and…

What Is Alignment And How Can You Influence It?

The perception of sales and marketing alignment is not sufficient, as successful alignment efforts are measurable and positively impact the business. This infographic from LeadMD outlines some of the key metrics and best practices for a predictable and repeatable alignment strategy.

Demand Generation Benchmark Study: Quality Over Quantity Takes Center Stage For Demand Marketers

The 2020 Demand Generation Benchmark Study found a growing emphasis on improving conversion rates and moving the needle away from leads to revenue focused metrics. The research, conducted by Demand Gen Report, showed the top two priorities for marketing teams this year are: Improving conversion rates/campaign performance; and Focusing on lead quality over quantity. To support this new focus on…

The Comprehensive Survival Guide For Lead Routing And Account Assignment

Almost every company has the need to route leads and assign accounts to sales reps in their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. It's about as universal a problem as you can get, yet it's also one of the most confusing subject areas in sales and marketing operations because every company uses unique routing and assignment processes, they change frequently, and…

Email Marketing Automation Boosts Your ROI

Email marketing automation frees up a lot of effort while ensuring target customers are reached at the right time. Companies can increase their revenue and reduced marketing overheads with the right email automation tool. This infographic from Thomson Data explores the advantages of email marketing automation over traditional tactics.

Sizing Up Your Demand Gen Strategies For 2020 & Beyond

Airing On: Feb. 13, 2020 @ 2 PM ET This webcast will share brand new research from Demand Gen Report’s Annual Demand Generation Benchmark Study. Preliminary results from the survey show marketers are continuing to focus more on quality over quantity and are employing new tools and tactics to reach the right stakeholders.This webcast will highlight the latest data on…

Jumpstarting Revenue Strategies

This strategically timed webcast will be positioned as a prescriptive session providing best practices and use cases B2B brands can borrow and apply as they look to advance both their account-based strategies and their broader acquisition campaigns. Delivered in a panel format, the webcast will present real-world examples addressing the challenges B2B brands must overcome to meet and exceed pipeline…

B2B Social Media Marketing Strategy & Statistics

Social media can be a challenging advertising medium for some companies, as it can be initially difficult to develop content that appeals to a wider audience. This infographic from HelpSquad shares tips on how to enhance a social media marketing strategy through creativity and engagement, sharing key statistics along the…

Maximizing Trade Show ROI

Trade shows are one of the biggest spends for any organization. Knowing this, companies should maximize their trade show return on investment (ROI) by pre-booking more sales meetings, driving more booth visits and following up with leads post-event in an effort to turn them into opportunities for the sales team. This E-book covers several techniques to maximize your trade show…
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