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12 Stats That Prove You Need To Start Social Selling

This infographic from Sales for Life spotlights key statistics on social selling, including marketers who use social media create 45% more opportunities than their peers and 90% of top-performing sales reps use social media as part of their strategy.

Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic 2019: MarTech 5000 (Actually 7,040)

Scott Brinker, Editor of Chief Marketing Technologist, released his annual Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic in collaboration with Blue Green. This year's graphic includes 7,040 solutions, up from 6,829 in 2018, and showcases that the marketing technology landscape continues to expand despite a number of recent mergers and acquisitions.

Compete And Win In The Age Of Account-Based Buying

According to Gartner, there are an average of 9.6 people involved in a typical B2B purchase decision and those individuals need 4.5 content "engagements" in order for you to build consensus and get the deal over the finish line. It's one thing to be able to identify accounts to target, quite another to orchestrate all of that data into meaningful…

G2 Evaluates Emerging Marketing Account Intelligence Space

In need of marketing intelligence to exceed your revenue goals this year? G2 recently conducted research to determine the best possible solutions to meet Marketing Account Intelligence needs. Vendors were evaluated for customer satisfaction and market presence. These two categories are the foundation for the G2 Grid, which visually showcases the marketplace rankings based on benchmarks for both market trend…

What’s Working In Demand Generation In 2019?

Fearless Marketers Rethink Traditional Channels, Test New Tactics To Boost Buyer Interest As buyers grow more selective with their content consumption and time, generating and maintaining demand is becoming a more elusive task for B2B brands. But fearless marketers are plowing ahead, experimenting with different channels and investing in demand generation to kickstart conversations with potential customers. This special report…

The Rise Of Chatbots In The B2B World

By 2020, it's estimated that 80% of B2B and B2C companies will be using chatbots to facilitate customer interactions. In this infographic, Really B2B explores the rise of chatbot technology in the B2B marketplace, as well as how it can improve the customer experience, reduce costs and more.

2019 Guide To Buyer-Focused Sales Enablement

A Blueprint For How Marketing And Sales Teams Apply New Tools & Tactics To Ensure The Right Messaging Is Getting In Front Of The Right Buyers, At The Right Time As digitally connected buyers become more sophisticated and demanding, sales teams are expected to deliver more personalized, relevant buying experiences. To do that, it's up to marketing and sales to…

Marketing Madness: Your Technology Starting Lineup

This infographic from ZoomInfo outlines the key tech stack elements needed to help your marketing team score a slam dunk in 2019. It covers everything from marketing and sales intelligence to website analytics and SEO, as well as their position in your tech stack lineup and individual strengths.

2019 Content Preferences Survey Report

Growing Demand For Credible And Concise Content Reinforces Need For Research And Relevancy In B2B Messaging As B2B buyers continue to make purchase decisions by doing their own research before speaking to a sales rep, they are becoming even more precise with their content preferences, placing a higher emphasis on content backed by supporting data, industry influencers and experts. Time…

9 Ways To Crush Your Sales Goals

This infographic from the RAIN Group outlines key steps for driving better sales results, including developing the skills you need to succeed, minimizing buyer risk and growing your accounts. It's so good, it won a Killer Content Award at the 2019 B2B Marketing Exchange. Check it out below and access…
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