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14 Ways To Get Backlinks Without Begging

Serving as one of the most crucial SEO ranking factors, backlinks not only help drive traffic to your business’s website, but they also enhance your company’s credibility. This infographic from Neil Patel outlines cost-effective tactics to build your backlinks in a sustainable way.

Social Media Statistics That Matter For Your Business In 2019

As the number of social media users increases, having a strong social media presence will continue to be essential for businesses to better connect with prospects and customers. This infographic from Statusbrew highlights notable statistics on major social media marketing platforms.

The 2019 Webinar Strategy Report

As webinars are becoming a more strategic practice throughout the buying journey, this in-depth survey report aims to highlight how webinar producers at B2B organizations are: Experimenting with a variety of webinar formats to fuel engagement with prospects; Prioritizing measurement and reporting to better understand that engagement and ensure it’s being utilized by their team to refine messaging; and Deepening…

The Webinar Playbook: Game-Changing Strategies From 10 Top B2B Marketers

According to research from, 73% of marketing and sales leaders said webinars are the best way to generate quality leads. But as buyer preferences evolve, a traditional webinar model (think generic slideshows complemented by a single voice on audio) may not always cut through the noise and drive the high engagement it used to. To learn how marketers are…

Top Twitter Trends In Content Marketing In 2019

With over 326 million users, Twitter has become a go-to platform for sharing trends with large audiences. This infographic from SEMrush lists the most popular content marketing-related hashtags, topics, visual content and influencers on Twitter.

The Rise Of Revenue Operations

The number of revenue operations job titles on LinkedIn is growing rapidly, as evidenced by a 73% increase in "Directors of Revenue Operations" positions between October and December 2018. This infographic from Clari offers insights into the rise of revenue operations and outlines the key benefits of revenue operations teams,…

The Tactile Marketing Automation Idea Book

The digital world is a crowded place. No one is going out of their way to hear what you have to say. You have to get in front of them in a memorable, engaging way. But how? A tactile marketing automation solution can help you drive results through the send of personalized, high-impact dimensional mail, directly from your marketing automation…

What’s Next In Modern Marketing?

10 Industry Experts Sound Off On The Trends, Tactics & Tech Revolutionizing The Future Of B2B In an era of constant change and disruption, B2B marketing teams must learn to adapt and grow at a quick pace. Traditional, cold marketing tactics simply won't cut through the noise anymore, especially as B2B buyers continue to be influenced by the personalized experiences…

2019 State Of Marketing Technology

Savvy Tech Buyers Relying More On Integration Capabilities To Connect Disparate Data For Complete Customer View The marketing technology landscape is still growing at a rapid pace, leaving marketers to try and keep up with new software additions, integrations and acquisitions. The recently launched 2019 Marketing Technology Landscape "Supergraphic" revealed 7,040 marketing technologies on the market — up from 6,829…

How To Collect And Act On The Net Promoter Score

Collect customer feedback? That's a great start! Research shows that 83% of businesses who describe themselves as "successful" measure customer satisfaction. In fact, research published in the Harvard Business Review shows that the act of asking customers for their feedback makes them happier — and can increase their likelihood of shopping with a brand again. But if you're like many…
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