Act-On Software Launches SugarCRM Integration Bundle

Published: October 4, 2017

Act-On for Sugar is a product and support bundle designed to complement SugarCRM and ensure users get the most out of their marketing automation investment.


The bundle includes:

A prebuilt, native integration with SugarCRM, which enables better-qualified, sales ready leads and more targeted engagements via Act-On emails, Hot Prospects (to prioritize leads), Activity History and Multiple Score Sheets (custom scoring rules by segment).

Act-On’s Engagement Insights tool, designed to provide easy access to real-time marketing data (and deeper insights into marketing performance) via exportable reports and live-updated templates in Google Sheets.

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Premier-level Act-On support, which entails access to resources beyond the standard support offering: 24-hour assistance, priority case-routing, accelerated response SLAs and phone line access to a team of technology experts and marketing success managers.


This bundle caters to the mid-market CMO and the marketing organization he/she oversees.


The bundle builds on Act-On’s prebuilt, native integration with SugarCRM — a continuous, bi-directional sync ensuring sales records in Sugar are automatically updated with marketing data from Act-On. 


The platform starts at $2,000/month, based on an active contact model (number of contacts actively engaged in a month vs. total database size).


More than 500 companies globally currently leverage Act-On and Sugar together, including companies such as Transperfect and Waitrainer.


Act-On is uniquely positioned to help SugarCRM users pioneer a new and adaptive front office — automated engagements across sales, marketing, support that adapt to the individual buyer.


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