Ceros Studio Aims To Empower All B2B Teams To Create Dynamic Content

Published: May 16, 2023

Ceros is designed to provide tools and services that empower companies to create interactive content with ease and efficiency.

The Lowdown

Ceros’ cloud-based design software is designed to empower marketers and designers to transform every digital touchpoint to drive more sales, increase engagement and outshine the competition — all backed by a team of creative experts.

Back-Of-The-Box Details

Ceros Studio allows teams to create work from a blank canvas by bringing existing files into the Studio or working from a template within the preexisting template library.

Users can import files from Photoshop, Illustrator and Sketch and add interactions/animations right in the Studio. Ceros offers a variety of integrations (CMS, marketing automation and analytics) to help improve user’s workflow and outputs.

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The software empowers users to publish content instantly (stand-alone experiences, embedded content or offline). Ceros’ cloud hosting platform and proprietary file format aim to provide ultimate flexibility to showcase users’ experiences with highest impact.

Who It’s For

Ceros supports and empowers many personas, but marketers and design teams are the power users in its ecosystem. In addition, supporting tools allow sales reps and HR professionals, among others, to create dynamic content.

What It Solves

Ceros aims to alleviate bottlenecks in the creative workflow, decrease the time it takes to create and bring interactive content to market, facilitate collaboration between stakeholders and help teams scale content to drive higher engagement.

What Makes It Special

Ceros access includes unlimited consultative support for all projects. If teams are tight on bandwidth, Ceros’ team can create content for them on an adhoc basis.


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