Clearbit Offers Free TAM Calculator Designed To Quantify Market, Revenue & Growth Potential

Published: December 19, 2022

Clearbit is a marketing intelligence solution that aims to help B2B marketing and revenue teams activate their ICP so they can grow faster and smarter. Founded in 2015, Clearbit is backed by Zetta Venture Partners, Battery Ventures and First Round Capital.

The Lowdown

Clearbit’s TAM Calculator is designed to enable businesses (and especially marketers) to quantify the market, revenue and growth potential for new products and services with just a few clicks. With target customer criteria such as industries, countries, company size, keywords and tech used, teams can immediately calculate their TAM for free.

Back-Of-The-Box Details

Using Clearbit’s database of more than 44 million companies, the TAM Calculator is designed to compute results and adjust in real time as users define (and then re-define) their TAM criteria. With a fraction of the investment needed for paid solutions or services, Clearbit aims to provide results quicker and more accurately than any other comparable automated TAM tool in the market.

Clearbit’s TAM Calculator intends to help users:

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  • Know their TAM without lengthy and costly research;
  • Quickly iterate on new segments to pursue;
  • Instantly gut check their ideal customer profile;
  • Validate market size and audience hypotheses with a few clicks; and
  • Create free target account lists for sales.

Who It’s For

More than 1,500 customers in organizations like Segment, Asana and Atlassian use Clearbit’s data activation platform and APIs to create demand, capture intent and optimize pipeline. The TAM Calculator is designed for marketing, growth and demand generation professionals who want a more automated and accurate way to assess the market potential for new products or services, as well as executives and senior leaders who want insight into market sizing and opportunity.

What It Solves

With Clearbit’s TAM Calculator, users no longer have to spend hours researching or paying for outside reports in order to generate a TAM that’s accurate for their product, business and target customers.

What Makes It Special

The TAM calculator is a free tool that aims to help users generate market size and value with just a few clicks. It offers advanced filters, dynamic results and access to Clearbit’s database of more than 44 million companies without the need for long, costly research.



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