Hushly Aims To Limit Website Abandonment With Relevant Content Recommendations

Published: March 5, 2018

Hushly is a conversion optimization software designed to capture website abandoners as they are ready to leave a company’s web page. It can also capture double opt-in website leads through un-gated content, mobile conversions and more.


Hushly aims to detect website abandoners when they are about to leave the web page. The solution intercepts that abandoner and provides a preview of an asset. By showing a content preview, they engage with the asset and are asked only for a business email to gain full access to that content and anything else on the website.

Hushly is also designed to:

  • Turn the 90% of website abandoners into double opt-in leads before they leave the website;
  • Get website visitors to double opt-in for un-gated content like case studies; and
  • Remove the web form just for mobile traffic and get more website visitors to double opt-in.


Hushly targets B2B marketers, including CMOs, VPs of Demand Generation, VPs of Digital Marketing or Director level marketers with demand generation responsibilities. Hushly is used across any vertical using gated content for lead generation.

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Every website lead captured has prospects’ verified business email, is GDPR and CASL compliant, auto-enriched and human-verified with prospects’ LinkedIn Profile.  Hushly publishes human verified website leads, via API to:

  • Eloqua;
  • Marketo;
  • Hubspot;
  • Pardot;
  • Salesforce; and
  • Webhook/Webform.


Hushly features a tier-based (50 leads per month to 20,000 leads per month) CPL pricing model.  


Hushly clients include B2B marketers from companies such as Google, Intel, Red Hat, as well as leading security technology companies like Symantec, Palo Alto Networks, Okta and Checkpoint Software.


Hushly turns website visitors who elect not to submit a registration into double opt-in leads, which are GDPR and CASL compliant. Hushly guarantees website leads produced are not “Mickey Mouse” leads, and are human verified against prospects’ LinkedIn profiles.



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