Influ2’s Behavioral Scoring Tool Aims To Help Identify Highly Interested Decision-Makers

Published: November 1, 2019

Influ2 Behavioral Scoring is designed to measure the interests of people based on their interaction with ads, enabling marketers to identify decision-makers whose interests were not captured with lead forms, emails or phone calls.


Influ2 Behavioral Scoring aims to capture a wider range of decision-makers’ online activity through tracking ad impressions, clicks, landing page visits, direct visits, fast clicks and time spent on the page for each person. This is designed to allow marketers to:

  • Notice and identify more interested decision-makers;
  • Identify ‘hot’ accounts;
  • Understand how each decision-maker reacts to an ad campaign; and
  • Measure marketing impact on each targeted person by combining Influ2 Behavioral Scoring with the Lead Score in all major CRMs and marketing automation software.


This is a tool for marketing professionals who are practicing account-based marketing and trying to reach decision-makers at enterprise accounts or niche industries.


Influ2 has integrations with major CRMs and marketing automation platforms, including Salesforce, HubSpot, Outreach and Marketo. Behavioral Scoring can be exported to these platforms and the existing lead score can be factored in to identify the most sales-ready leads.

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Behavioral Scoring is available to all new and existing Influ2 subscribers for no additional fee.


Influ2’s clients include Infopulse, Yotpo, Cato Networks, Ajax, N-iX, Ease and 50+ more around the world.


Aiming to help marketers identify prospects who would not be captured with traditional ABM tools, Influ2’s solution is designed to prioritize the interests of people over the interests of accounts.


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