Invoca’s No-Code Integration Library Seeks To Connect Conversations To Customer Journeys

Published: March 22, 2022

Invoca is a conversation intelligence platform for revenue teams. The company’s no-code integrations library, which includes no-code versions of existing and new integrations for Google Analytics 4, Meta Conversions API and Slack, is designed to help revenue teams quickly harness insights from individual conversations between brands and consumers and activate them throughout the revenue stack, without developer resources or custom code builds.

Back-Of-The-Box Details

Traditionally, conversational insights powered by AI and natural language processing (NLP) have provided aggregate-level analytics, such as trend analyses or emerging key topics, across an entire customer base. Contrastingly, Invoca helps connect conversations to individual-level consumer journeys, giving revenue teams the ability to use conversational insights to drive the next step of the digital journey, enrich the core customer profile and provide feedback on agent performance. The no-code integration library was recently launched in the Invoca conversation intelligence platform, with many integrations now available as no-code versions.

Who It’s For

By using re-usable code and an intuitive user interface, Invoca has created templates for these integrations, thus enabling users — regardless of their coding experience — to use and gain insights from conversations between their brand and customers.

What It Solves

Invoca connects conversations to individual-level consumer journeys, enabling teams to use conversational insights to drive the digital journey or provide feedback on agent performance instead of the typical aggregate-level analytics across an entire customer base.

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What Makes It Special

Invoca’s integration capabilities are designed to help revenue teams integrate and pass conversation data between different systems and close the loop on online and offline data to understand the next steps of the customer journey.



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