Quark Debuts Automation Platform To Create And Manage Content

Published: October 17, 2016

Quark’s Content Automation Platform is designed to help marketers create, manage and share content by migrating organizations from document management to creating reusable content components.


The platform consists of a central content repository that integrates with solutions for authoring, creating templates, publishing and delivering omnichannel content.  Quark said the platform helps global organizations:

  • Implement sustainable multichannel content creation and delivery strategies.
  • Automate low-value tasks so subject matter experts can spend more time capturing their knowledge as reusable content components.
  • Understand opportunities for content reuse across different document types to save time and enable a “single source of truth” for content that is automatically updatable, trackable and auditable.
  • Deploy content with precision to adhere to compliance and regulatory mandates.


The platform is designed for content producers global companies across financial services, manufacturing, healthcare and government.


Quark’s Content Automation Platform integrates with systems such as enterprise content management and financial data sources, such as an ERP system or CRM integration for delivery and analysis of content consumption habits.

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Quark’s Content Automation Platform is an enterprise software that can be deployed in a number of ways, depending on customer requirements. Pricing varies based on configuration, customization, number of users, etc. A typical solution is in the six-figure range.


Quark works with global companies such as IHS Markit, Boehringer Ingelheim, the State of Connecticut, Emirates and more.


While traditional content management solutions focus on managing static documents, Quark’s Content Automation Platform allows for the creation and management of components that can be tagged, searched, tracked, updated, audited and reused across multiple channels.


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