Terminus/Salesforce Pardot Integration Leverages Engagement Data To Improve Revenue Strategies

Published: October 19, 2020

ABM platform Terminus has integrated with Salesforce Pardot to create an integration that allows B2B orgs to combine the platforms’ account intelligence and engagement data for improved revenue strategies.

Back-of-the-Box Details

The Terminus Pardot integration is designed to leverage Terminus’ account intelligence data within the Pardot platform, providing users with high-value account lists, analysis of engagement data and the ability to build and nurture their campaigns. This allows users to build better segments at the account level, using engagement data for real-time advertising.

The integration’s capabilities include:

  • The ability to alert sales and customer success teams about important or at-risk accounts in real-time;
  • Sales and Customer Success Intelligence that helps outbound teams prioritize outreach to best-fit accounts; and
  • Lead-to-account matching and data hygiene for improved lead mapping, the ability to build custom marketing programs for a specific buying group and uncover missing decision-makers within an account.

Who It’s For

The integration is designed for B2B revenue teams looking to increase their account engagement and campaign conversions.

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What Makes It Special

The Terminus Pardot integration allows users to automatically add targets to multichannel advertising and engagement campaigns based on the account data from Terminus and qualification data from Pardot.


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