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Bill Johnson CEO Chief Research Officer of Miller Heiman CMO of Corporate Visions Corporate Visions Director of Marketing EVP at SAVO Jim Brodo Joe Galvin Kurt Andersen Meghan Steiner Miller Heiman Richardson Sales & Marketing Alignment Sales Enablement sales marketing enablement Salesvue SAVO SVP of Marketng Tim Riesterer
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Next Step For Sales And Marketing Alignment: Content To Drive Sales Conversations

Collaboration among the extended sales team — which includes sales, marketing, marketing ops, and sales ops — is…

Industry News May 21
Emily Shorter Equipping Your Sales Team For Peak Performance With Mobile-Enabled & Integrated Sales Resources Joe Galvin MicroStrategy Miller Heiman
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Webinar: Data Scientists Playing Key Role In Sales Performance

There is still a disconnect throughout the buying process, in which prospects are showing reluctance to connect directly…

Industry News May 9
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