Content Marketing

Content marketing is continuously evolving as new channels, formats and strategies emerge. This section covers the formats and tactics for effectively engaging target audiences.

How To Create Engagement At Scale With Your Prospects

 Marketing is at a critical inflection point. With more spam marketing than ever, B2B prospects are being inundated by intrusive phone sales calls, advertising that follows them around the web, and unsolicited emails.  This results in prospects increasingly tuning out marketing messages. According to a recent Symantec report, spam levels…

HubSpot Introduces Content Strategy Tool

HubSpot Content Strategy is a tool designed to help marketers adapt their content creation to the way modern search engines and modern buyers work today. Through creating, optimizing and measuring topic-based content, the tool aims to enable businesses to build sustainable organic traffic that generates more traffic, with less content.

Uberflip Introduces AI-Powered Content Recommendation Solution

Uberflip AI is designed to give marketers the ability to fuse the art of marketing with the power of artificial intelligence. The solution aims to help marketers recommend content to their audiences. The company said its AI-based recommendation engine creates deeper content engagement, more personalized content experiences, and accelerates sales…

ClearSlide Launches New Sales Content Recommendation Engine

Sales engagement platform provider ClearSlide has announced the launch of Orion, a functionality designed to guide sales reps to relevant content that enables their efforts within ClearSlide, Outlook, Gmail and Salesforce. Orion aims to provide sales leaders with the tools they need to manage their sales processes, and marketers with…

ON24 Launches Digital Content Hub

Multimedia marketing company ON24 announced it has added a new online content hub to its marketing platform. Called ON24 Content Gateway, the hub is designed to help business marketers curate their best digital assets and gain a better understanding of how their customers and prospects engage with each piece of…
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