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#B2BMX: Harnessing AI To Power Customer Engagement; Having A Media Brand Mindset For Content

B2B marketers react to the thought of artificial intelligence (AI) in different ways, said Pam Didner of Relentless Pursuit LLC. Pessimists may envision dystopian universes as portrayed in the Terminator, Blade Runner or The Matrix; optimists may picture R2D2 or Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation. Whichever attitude marketers take, “AI is not a fad. It’s here to stay,” declared Didner in her keynote address, How AI Is Already Impacting Every Stage of Buyer Engagement, which explored how B2B marketers currently use AI and looked ahead to the technology’s future.

Study: 52% Of Marketers Engage Customers In Real Time, Across Multiple Channels

The ongoing increase in priority to offer real-time personalization is positioning marketing leaders to act as the cross-functional medium for connecting customer experiences, according to new research from Salesforce. The company’s fifth edition of its State of Marketing report shows that more than half (52%) of marketers engage customers in real time across one or more channels, signaling how progressive businesses are identifying opportunities for more personalized engagement with potential customers on their terms. This can be attributed to the growing adoption of AI and increase in data sources to enhance customer engagement, according to the report.

Survey Anyplace Provides Platform For Enhanced Surveys, Data Collection

Survey Anyplace is a survey creation and management tool that aims to improve data collection by improving surveys. The platform is designed to create modern surveys that engage respondents, are easy to answer and are optimized for mobile devices.


The platform is positioned to let users create, customize, send and analyze surveys. Features include:

  • Customizable survey design: users can customize survey colors, add logos and other brand elements, as well as embed videos and animations;
  • Offline functionality: marketers can continue collecting survey data and feedback even when there’s no connection available;
  • PDF assessments: create a personalized PDF report with survey results.


Survey Anyplace can be used for marketing, training, events and more.


It is positioned to integrate with over 750 applications including CRM and email marketing systems, such as Salesforce, Mail Chimp and Active Campaign.


Pricing information is available here.


Current users include KBC, BBDO, Bare International and more.


Survey Anyplace is designed to help users create entertaining surveys that deliver serious results. It includes a number of unique features, such as offline functionality and personalized PDF reports, to help users generate greater response rates and better feedback.


Survey Anyplace
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