Cohora Aims To Fuel Customer Interactions With User-Generated Content

Published: July 18, 2023

Cohora is designed to enable real-time customer interactions within a brand-owned customer network built on first-party data. Through Cohora, brands gain customer-to-customer and brand-to-customer conversations that generate authentic user content that promotes the brand and its products and allows customers to play a unique role in social commerce, product investments, organic user growth and long-term loyalty to the brand.

The Lowdown

Cohora is a brand customer network and engagement platform designed to leverage user-generated content to optimize customer engagement and behavior to deepen the emotional bond between a brand and its customers.

Back-Of-The-Box Details

The foundation of Cohora is customer-generated content that enables social commerce. Relationship activations include polls and surveys, contest participation, event hosting, cross-channel promotions, reward redemption, rewards for product promotion and exclusive access to new products among many other features.

This leads to a micro-influencer community encompassed within the network, with all interactions allowing brands to leverage the power and passion of its consumers to propel brand and products. Brands can drive organic engagement, personalization and communication from a single, centralized hub for a deeper understanding of consumers’ needs, wants and motivations. Through Cohora, brands gain data-driven intelligence to move away from a pure transactional mindset and lean into engagement-based loyalty that is designed for long-term customer value.

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Who It’s For

Cohora was created with small and mid-size brands in mind. Early adopters have been brands in the beauty, fashion and travel vertical markets. Benefits include incremental sales, organic growth, consumer insights and brand advocacy.

What It Solves

The deprecation of the cookie coupled with privacy regulations have made it more difficult for brands to develop direct emotional customer connections and collect meaningful data. By creating an owned customer network within a brand’s domain, Cohora delivers a solution that enhances a brand’s first-party data with content insights that drives product investment and growth.

What Makes It Special

Small, mid-size brands lack the resources to build long lasting relationships with their customers, instead are dependent on a transactional mindset. Cohora lets brands engage in a real-time dialogue within the platform. It fosters brand-to-customer and customer-to-customer conversations around experiences either with the purchase of a product or usage of the product as a starting point. The goal is to propagate user-generated content that ultimately can be used to further brand advocacy and growth.


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