Content Marketing

Content marketing is continuously evolving as new channels, formats and strategies emerge. This section covers the formats and tactics for effectively engaging target audiences.

5 Industry Experts Sound Off On B2B Content Challenges

Even though the content marketing landscape has evolved into a pivotal part of many B2B marketing strategies, there are still hurdles to overcome before the content can thrive. This infographic from Kapost shares insight into B2B challenges from five content marketing thought leaders, including Ann Handley, Michael Brenner and Ardath…

15 Stats About Blogging And Content Marketing

Blogging is one of the many content marketing initiatives that can have a positive impact on a B2B business. Research shows that B2B companies that blog see 67% more leads per month than those that don’t. This infographic from Inbound Systems shares stats validating the positive impact blogging can have…

7 Fixable Content Marketing Mistakes To Address

Content strategies must continuously adapt to meet buyer expectations in order to generate success. However, there are still some common mistakes that can easily be addressed to maximize content effectiveness. This infographic from Curata spotlights seven of the biggest content marketing mistakes B2B companies fall victim to, along with reasons…
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