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How To Solve The B2B Data Quality Crisis

An Expert Assessment of The Network of Record The challenges of data quality are widely recognized. They will only get worse as business data getsmore complicated and businesses evolve more rapidly. The Network of Record is a continuously-updateddatabase of company and contact information constructed from multiple sources including publicdata, commercial vendors and sales and marketing interaction records from participating Radius…

Insight Into The Marketing & Sales Enablement Tech Stack

Alignment is an ongoing battle for B2B organizations — so much so that it is impacting tech selection. This infographic from Seismic examines new research that aims to uncover what types of technologies enterprise companies are leveraging to enhance their marketing and sales alignment capabilities.

The Benefits Of Micro-Influencer Marketing

Influencers don’t have to have millions of followers to be a valuable asset in your company’s influencer marketing strategy. This infographic from Shane Barker highlights the variety of ways B2B marketers can benefit from “micro-influencers” to drive engagement with target audiences.

Customer Reviews: 3 Steps To Create a Review Strategy For Your Business

As part of their online research, buyers engage with ratings and reviews to build a transparent, pre-purchase expectation for a product. In fact, 85% of tech buyers read up to 10 online reviews before making a purchase, according to G2 Crowd. Access this three-step guide to collecting, responding to and leveraging customer reviews to your company's advantage. Just fill out…

The 2017 State Of Database Quality

Data is central to all aspects of demand generation and performance marketing. Sitting at the crosshairs between all marketing and sales engagement, accurate and detailed data on customers and prospects is critical to reaching targeted buyers, as well as tracking the effectiveness of campaigns and sharing insights and buying behaviors across the organization.While the benefits of data alignment and augmentation…

Content Marketing Stats & Trends 2017

Seventy-five percent of marketers are increasing their investment in content marketing, which means communicating with your target audience may be as cluttered as ever. This infographic from PointVisible highlights key findings from content marketing for both B2B and B2C companies to better understand how to connect with their audiences.

How Partner Networks Can Expand Sales Efforts

Partner networks can help SMBs increase sales and marketing opportunities. Successful partner programs can feature a variety of important components. For small and mid-size companies creating a new network or expanding a fledgling effort, experts point to a number of key ingredients. This guide offers insights into: The common myths, misconceptions and actualities of leveraging a partner network; What needs…

The State Of Online Video

Video is an important marketing tool, but do marketers fully understand how users are consuming their content? This infographic from TwentyThree spotlights research from 300 marketing teams, 1.5 million videos and 650 million video plays on how marketers can use video to drive leads, improve data and nurture customers down…

State Of B2B Full-Funnel Measurement

Key Strategies For A Revenue-Focused Approach To Measuring Engagement Across The Buyer Journey B2B marketers are increasingly expected to prove the impact of their initiatives. And that impact is rapidly being judged not only in the number of leads or click-throughs, but through engagement and real-world revenue. To address this reality, industry experts state that marketing teams at leading B2B…

The Mixology Of Content Marketing

To get your message across to your audience, you have to serve it up in a way that's easy to consume and enjoyable—like a refreshing cocktail. This infographic from JBH shares the variety of content formats available for B2B marketers to try out in their campaigns.

Sizing Up DIY vs. Do It For Me In B2B Marketing

Why The DIFM Revolution Is Making More Sense For Small To Mid-sized Teams To Accelerate Campaigns & Pipeline Impact The DIFM revolution that has quickly taken hold in the consumer world is now being applied to marketing automation. In the process, it has enabled small to mid-sized marketing teams to perform on par with much larger organizations. DIFM partners can…
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