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Social & Mobile

As B2B marketers closely measure the ROI of social media marketing, this section highlights trends in the use of social and mobile to interact with prospects and buyers on social networks and through smartphones and tablets.

Oracle Acquires Social Marketing Vendor Vitrue In $300M Deal

Oracle has long been known for spending big money buying its way into hot new markets. This week's example: The software giant's announcement that it has purchased social marketing platform vendor Vitrue. The Vitrue platform gives marketers a single set of tools to manage their presence on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest,…

Marketo Launches Social Marketing Automation Solution

Marketo this week launched Marketo Social Marketing, a suite of social marketing automation products including Marketo Social Boost, Marketo Social Promotions, and Social Data analysis. The suite is aimed at helping marketers to identify key influencers using social media services. The company announced the launch this week at the Marketo…
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