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Drumroll Please: 2020 Killer Content Awards Finalists Announced

  • Written by Alicia Esposito
  • Published in Blog

We know that the content marketing landscape is more competitive than ever. It’s not just that there’s more content; it’s the fact that a lot of the content is exceptional. It’s relevant, compelling, even creative.

Our goal for the Killer Content Awards is to spotlight the brands that are creating great content and campaigns. Because behind those brands are teams and individuals who are doing the hard work. They’re putting hours into understanding their audiences on a deeper level, challenging themselves to tell stories in new ways, and amplifying these stories across the channels and networks to which their buyers gravitate. This is our ninth year judging these awards and I can confidently say this was our toughest year yet.

Today, we’re thrilled to share our 2020 Killer Content Awards finalists, which helm from all different industries and are of varying sizes and statures. Let’s take a moment and give them the props they deserve.

Check out the complete list of finalists here. The winners will be announced at the B2B Marketing Exchange in Scottsdale, Ariz., — February 24-16, 2020.