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Podcast: The Future Of Influencer Marketing Is Influencer Relations

New research from the Altimeter Group shows that 55% of marketers plan to spend more on influencer marketing in 2019. But according to Principal Analyst Brian Solis, marketers must rethink their approach and strategies to influencer marketing in order to be successful.

In a conversation with Demand Gen Report, Solis shared what he has named “Influence 2.0,” a new approach that includes building long-term influencer relationships and working with influencers to engage buyers at every touchpoint.

“Trust in companies, brands and executives plummets every year, but trust in peers or people ‘like me’ is always at the top,” said Solis. “At the end of the day, that’s what [influencers are] about … I think it is an underappreciated strategy in the marketing arsenal.”

Listen to the entire podcast below to learn about the research, best practices for improving your influencer marketing strategies and more.