5 Questions To Ask Before You Launch A Lead Nurturing Program

By Howard Sewell, President, Spear Marketing Group

Key to designing an effective lead nurturing program is taking stock of your current lead management process. By asking the right questions, you’ll not only uncover additional opportunities for improvement, but the information will play a key role in defining critical issues of workflow – for example: segmentation, frequency, and offer strategy.

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Survey Shows Converting Leads Into Opportunities Tops BtoB Priority List

With revenue generation an ongoing challenge for many organizations, a new survey conducted by Silverpop confirms that BtoB marketers will be focusing more on the lead-to-sales funnel over the next 12 months, especially on the conversion of leads to opportunities. Based on responses from 446 marketers, the Silverpop study found nearly one quarter (24%) said “ensuring qualified leads are converting into appropriate sales opportunities.” was their top priority.

Two Essential Steps To Qualify Leads In An Unqualified World

By Lisa Cramer, President, LeadLife Solutions

The statistics are overwhelming. The volume of leads or inquiries that come to your company’s Web site or trade show booth that don’t buy—usually because they’re just not yet ready to— is staggering. However, even if they’re not yet “ready buyers,” it doesn’t mean that your sales team shouldn’t be nurturing them. In fact, 80% of the un-worked leads (those not picked up by your sales force for a variety of reasons) will buy from someone over the next 24 months. So how does marketing make sure it’s your company that they buy from once they’re ready?

Funnelholic Q&A with Andrew Gaffney, Editor Of DemandGen Report

1.    What are the three trends you see emerging in 2009?
The first and most prominent would be more emphasis on lead nurturing as companies look to maximize their marketing investments. When the economy was still in a growth mode, it was easy for B2B marketers to keep paying for more new leads to feed the funnel. Now, as efficiency has become the rule of the day, companies realize they can’t afford to let valid contacts waste away in their database.

Full Interview Here.

Turning Your Current Customers Into New Business Evangelists

By Brenda Gelston, President, Marketing Momentum Associates

Periods of intense change often bring improvements due to paradigm shifts in the way we conduct our business.  During times of change assumptions are challenged, boundaries are forced and better ideas emerge from the rubble of the status quo.  We are currently going through this type of paradigm shift whereby the sales process is changing to meet the demands of empowered customers.  So, in this environment how does a marketer establish credibility and custom tailor the marketing outreach to anticipate and meet customer needs?  Carefully designed demand generation programs will integrate your customers into the lead nurturing process and help propel your marketing efforts with renewed energy and relevancy.

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