Reveals New Lead Lifecycle Management Solution

Published: February 9, 2023, a low-code automation and integration platform, released its new Lead Lifecycle Management function, which is designed to fix leaky lead funnels and recapture lost revenue. The new solution seeks to help RevOps teams break down interdepartmental silos, gain full visibility into the buyer journey and unlock revenue.

As part of the Lead Lifecycle Management release, the Tray platform now offers:

  • More than 80 unique templates and ready-to-use workflows for lead capture;
  • Pre-built connectors to integrate and automate RevOps processes across marketing, sales and RevOps tools; and
  • Streaming log data to triage and resolve process bottlenecks.

“Monolithic platforms and outdated approaches to lead lifecycle management no longer meet the needs of modern marketing organizations and often lead to a disjointed buyer experience,” said Rich Waldron, CEO and Co-founder of, in a statement. “Sales Ops, Marketing Ops and RevOps teams often spend extensive time manually stitching together apps or rely on ineffective, out-of-the-box integrations typically found in marketing automation platforms to engage with their prospects. Combining low-code automation with best-in-class martech further maximizes the efficiency of the RevOps tech stack and ultimately enhances the customer journey.”

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