Why Is It So Hard To Create Personal Content?

I ask myself the above question far too often — and I go through A LOT of content while researching new story topics or potential news to share with all our loyal subscribers. Nothing upsets me more than coming across a “5 Innovative Ways To Boost Your Demand Gen Efforts” type E-book, in which these five “innovative” ways are blatantly specific features within the author’s main product offering.

My conclusion to the above question is that, sadly, product-focused content is just too easy. The product/service is what content marketers are most familiar with, and it’s what the company ultimately wants to talk about with its audience.

But I implore marketers to take a step back before writing their next big white paper to really get in the mind of their ideal customer: what do they want to learn more about and what is the most important to them?

Looking back on last year’s Killer Content Award winners, one company that keeps coming to mind as the epitome of a perfect pivot to personalization is OpenText. In just one campaign, the company drove $20 million in pipeline thanks to that personal approach! Ericka McCoy, OpenText’s VP of Global Campaigns, will share behind-the-scenes details into how she and her team planned and executed this campaign in this week’s Killer Content Showcase Series on YouTube Live. I’d say this is something you definitely don’t want to miss.

Click here to check out the details about what OpenText will be discussing in the next installment of the Killer Content Showcase Series on August 10 at 1 PM ET!

Brian Anderson

An avid B2B journalist with a knack for all things trendy in the POS, mobile and social space.