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The devil’s in the details — or in marketing’s case, the devil’s in the data. Almost every B2B marketer has a data problem, whether it’s getting the right data on prospects, ensuring data is accurate and up to date or aligning sales and marketing around the same data, the list is endless. And thanks to GDPR, the pressure is on to get your data strategies cleaned up and compliant.

But marketers need not stress, cleansing and enhancing customer data may be easier than you think and can yield long-term results. In a recent Buyer Insights and Intelligence webinar, Jack Wildt of ON24 discussed the value of declared data and how marketers can use webinars to capture it at scale and better arm sales reps for conversations.

Understanding The Three Ds Of Data


 Modern marketers often collect a variety of data, including demographic data from form fills and behavioral data from online engagement with content, chatbots and more. But are marketers really gathering all the data they need?

According to Wildt, declared data is the “white whale” of marketing — it has the power to unlock key buyer insights, but few marketers are able to capture it with their current strategies.

“Demographic data is the most wildly available data and it is essentially the who of who you are marketing to,” said Wildt. “Behavioral data is the what. It’s incredibly important; it’s basically the bread and butter of marketing. But we’re noticing that declared data is really our white whale… It’s the why of the people you’re marketing to.”

Leveraging Webinars To Capture Declared Data At Scale


While traditional tactics such as display advertising and telemarketing may not be equipped to identify and store declared data, other channels such as webinars are. By leveraging webinars as a key part of your go-to-market strategy, Wildt says B2B brands can gain deeper insights into potential customers, cater sales outreach accordingly and better position themselves for success.

“Clicking an ad doesn’t declare anything about yourself,” said Wildt. “Filling out a form might, but it’s not really the most trustworthy thing. You can get declared data from emails, but it’s a very manual process. Webinars really are key; they are really the only way to do it at scale. You have someone’s attention for 50-60 minutes [during a webinar] and if you’re creating engaging content, they’re going to want to speak back to you.”

Driving Sales Conversations With Declared Data


ON24 uses webinars to survey its audience in real time via polls and Q&As. This data is then captured and integrated into Marketo and used to enhance lead scores according to attendee interest, optimize content based on attendee feedback and start sales conversations. According to Wildt, the company triggers immediate actions based on people’s declared data within a webinar.

“When Jane Doe or Paula Price comes into a webinar and answers a survey or poll in a certain way, we trigger alerts through Salesforce and Marketo and we get people talking,” said Wildt. “We’re facilitating much better sales conversations and ultimately, helping people solve their problems… They’re more engaged with us and we’re able to react better to their engagement with us, so sales can have those great conversations and really understand their pain points and try to solve them.”

Using webinars as part of its go-to-market strategy has helped ON24 improve lead qualification and nurturing. According to the company, prospects with a high engagement score and declared data are 90% more likely to convert from an MQL to SQL.

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The Ultimate #B2BSMX Bucket List Source: Encore Boston Harbor

We’re less than a week away from the first-ever B2B Sales & Marketing Exchange and the entire Demand Gen Report team is gearing up for kick off. More than 1,000 B2B marketing and sales professionals will make their way to the brand-new Boston Encore Harbor Resort for two days’ worth of learning and networking with their peers. I, for one, am excited to hear from some of the brightest minds in the business.

But the fun doesn’t stop at the three premiere tracks of #B2BSMX. Sure, attendees will gain actionable takeaways from the Demand Gen Summit, FlipMyFunnel and REVTalks tracks that they can implement immediately when they get back to the office. But there’s so much more to the event that’s guaranteed to make your trip to Boston even more exciting.

With that said, I’ve created a #B2BSMX Bucket List for attendees to make the most out of the event and stay. Here are 10 things to add to your agenda!

1. Book A Meeting With A B2B Mentor Or B2BMXpert

#B2BSMX gives rising sales & marketing stars a chance to sit down and chat with more established and regarded heads of sales and marketing face to face. Schedule a B2B Mentors or B2BMXperts meeting during one of the networking breaks for a chance to pick an expert’s brain on various topics and challenges.

2. Check Out The Author’s Circle

Rub elbows with authors such as Samantha Stone, Dave Gerhardt, Sangram Vajre and Debbie Qaqish and get a signed copy of their thought-provoking marketing books to take home! Visit the Marketplace during breaks and lunches to meet the authors. You’ll find the schedule on the B2BSMX mobile app!

3. Build A New Story At #B2BSMX

#B2BSMX is supporting New Story on their quest to help build new homes for those in need. Throughout the event, we will be raising money and matching donations — 100% of which will help hire locals, buy materials and build a home in a new community. Learn more and donate here.

4. Visit The Marketplace And Get Your Passport Stamped

Our Marketplace is packed with the latest and greatest marketing and sales technology providers, so make sure you give yourself plenty of time to visit with as many of them as you can. Grab a “passport” at the registration desk and get a stamp from every vendor to win some kick-ass prizes.

5. Attend The Best In B2B Awards Ceremony

Don’t miss the Best In B2B Awards ceremony on Tuesday, August 13 at 5 PM ET to hear and learn from progressive executives and brands that are really changing the game when it comes to creativity and revenue growth. Every winner is bound to inspire your next strategy or campaign.

6. Have A Best-In-Class Dining Experience

Your taste buds will NOT be disappointed at the Encore Boston Harbor. From Asian-inspired dishes at Mystique, outstanding burgers at the On Deck Burger Bar, Frank Sinatra’s favorite Italian dishes at Sinatra and so much more, there is no shortage of amazing food, cocktails and wine to try.

7. Test Your Luck In The Casino

3,100+ slot machines, 144 table games, an exclusive Poker Room and a private and high-limit gaming area — need I say more? If you’re feeling lucky, go all in at the Encore’s luxurious Casino and have some fun!

8. Go On A Shopping Spree With Your Winnings

The Shops at the Encore Boston Harbor are sure to please every shopaholic. Check out The Drugstore to bring back unusual and signature gifts for a loved one or try on the latest designer fashion and cosmetics at The Wynn Collection and Wynn Beauty stores.

9. Enjoy A Day At The Spa

Treat yourself to a post-event spa treatment at the luxurious Encore Spa, which offers specialty massages and body treatments, as well as waterfall showers and eucalyptus steams.

10. Take A Stroll On The Harborwalk

Don’t miss the beautiful waterfront views the Encore has to offer and take a walk around the lawns and lush gardens. The Harborwalk is open day and night, offering guests an opportunity to enjoy the fresh air and even some live music.

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5 ‘FlipMyFunnel’ Podcast Episodes To Binge Before #B2BSMX Source: FlipMyFunnel

The first-ever B2B Sales & Marketing Exhange  event is just a couple weeks away, and all of us here at Demand Gen Report are buzzing with excitement. This new event is bringing together three top-tier marketing conferences — REVTalks, FlipMyFunnel and the Demand Gen Summit — under one roof (the roof being that of the immaculate Encore Boston Harbor). 

For some background, the Demand Gen Summit track is a staple of the B2B Marketing Exchange, a best-in-class marketing event that takes place every February in Scottsdale, Ariz. REVTalks presents straight-to-the-point storytelling from revenue marketing superstars sharing how they accomplished revenue impact at their business. FlipMyFunnel brings the popular podcast series to life to showcase the best strategies for applying account-based principles to go-to-market strategies.

As an avid podcast listener (think Comedy Bang! Bang!” and WTF With Marc Maron), I love tuning into the "FlipMyFunnel" podcast to get unique perspectives on all things ABM, content marketing, martech and more. For me, it’s a fascinating way to stay up-to-date on the latest trends in B2B without having to thumb through a 30-page E-book.

Ahead of #B2BSMX, we’re showcasing five of our favorite FlipMyFunnel podcasts to get you pumped for the event. Dive into these podcasts to get a taste of what you can expect from the track. 

In this episode, Sangram Vajre and Alex Latraverse of Terminus reveal why sales teams should embrace ABM with open arms, especially considering sales is already working to give extra TLC to their target accounts anyway. Marketing’s ABM programs will only make that process easier as they work to tailor content and experiences for these A-list prospects.

Digital burnout is real. We’re pounded with 60,000 brand impressions a month, have inboxes packed to the brim and can’t open our eyes without seeing an ad. In this episode, Justin Keller of Sigstr and Sruthi Kumar of Sendoso discuss how marketers can break through the noise and connect with prospects and customers in a human way.

Need advice on landing a sit-down meeting with a difficult-to-reach prospect? In this episode, author Stu Heinecke shares some of his top tips to help you land that big, seemingly unattainable meeting. Spoiler alert: you’ll hear about the strategy that  after years of pursuit  finally won over astronaut Neil Armstrong.

ABM is not an overnight process. Ioften takes a few weeks, if not months, to see success from these highly personalized plays. In this episode, Megan Lueders of Zenoss addresses how to convince your board that the benefits of ABM are worth the wait. She also shares how to layer ABM on top of the historical responsibilities of brand awareness, demand generation and acquisition.

Every company says they aim to achieve marketing and sales alignment. But how it actually be achieved? In this episode, Daniel Rodriguez of Alyce chats with Dave Rigotti of Marketo about how to get sales and marketing to work handinhand with shared goals.

These topics and more will be covered at #B2BSMX. If these podcasts got you pumped, be sure to get your ticket now and join us in Boston!

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Getting Serial With B2B: 3 Examples Of Bingeworthy Content Getting Serial With B2B: 3 Examples Of Bingeworthy Content

When it comes to content binging, the usual crop of names often comes to mind: “Stranger Things,” “Orange Is The New Black” and “Big Little Lies.” But content binging is no longer confined to just Netflix and Hulu.

More and more B2B brands are creating binge-worthy video shows and podcasts. The series aren’t just entertaining and informative, they also position the companies to increase brand awareness and build trust with their audience.

Here’s our roundup of three binge-worthy B2B content examples that you can draw inspiration from and add to your “must-watch” list.

The Empowered Marketer

Screen Shot 2019 07 11 at 11.17.48 AM

This series from Zaius, a B2C CRM provider, includes a collection of videos, podcasts and blogs made by marketers for marketers. New episodes are published every other week with top ecommerce experts, growth marketers and marketing agency leaders. The series is so good that it even won a Killer Content Award at the 2019 B2B Marketing Exchange. There are over 30 episodes to date with interviews featuring executives at Uber Eats Canada, Pura Vida Bracelets, Andie Swim and more. So, grab your headphones and get ready to binge!  


DemandGen Radio

Screen Shot 2019 07 11 at 8.55.11 AM

The martech landscape is constantly changing, and it can be hard for marketers to keep up with the 7,000+ solutions out there. But DemandGen Radio is here to help. The weekly podcast hosted by DemandGen International CEO David Lewis dives into the latest marketing methods and technologies for driving growth. Recent topics covered include what B2B marketers can learn from B2C, stories of women in revenue and how to scale a martech startup.


The Growth Show 

Screen Shot 2019 07 11 at 9.48.14 AM

Need a new podcast to spice up your morning commute and provide you with some marketing inspiration to start the day off right? The Growth Show explores top marketing trends and delves into the stories behind how people build and grow a business. The weekly podcast hosted by HubSpot’s VP of Marketing Meghan Keaney Anderson just wrapped up its latest season so there’s plenty of episodes to binge, including episodes on the platform revolution, the role of customers in business growth and how to find the humanity in technology.

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5 #Bii19 Sessions On My Can’t-Miss List 5 #Bii19 Sessions On My Can’t-Miss List

In our digital age, having the right resources is pivotal to success. But as more tools and trends pop up left and right, it can be overwhelming to cut through the clutter and find what works best for your company. That’s why #bii19 is here to help.

From July 15-19, Demand Gen Report will host its Buyer Insights & Intelligence Series (#bii19), a week-long virtual event designed to provide sales and marketing practitioners with insights on the latest strategies, tools and technology used by today’s top B2B companies to achieve their goals.

Here are five webinar sessions I’m looking forward to:

1. How To Personalize And Accelerate The Customer Journey Through Targeted 1:1 Experiences

As marketing teams look to better engage their prospects, they’re relying more on personalized website experiences and targeted account-based advertising.

During this webinar, John Dering of Demandbase will reveal new data from Demand Gen Report’s B2B Buyers Survey and share his expertise around how B2B buyer behavior is impacting today’s go-to-market initiatives. The session will uncover where buyers’ time and effort are being spent in the B2B buying timeline and how certain tactics like AI-driven website personalization influence anonymous buyers.

2. What Buyers Want: Developing A Buyer-Focused Sales Engagement Process That Works

In today’s sales and marketing landscape, looking at sales statistics just doesn’t cut it. You need to look at the buyer and what’s capturing their attention.

In this session, David Hood, President and CEO of VanillaSoft, and Darryl Prail, CMO of VanillaSoft, will also reveal new research around needs and sales engagement preferences as seen from the buyer’s point-of-view. They’ll discuss elements like the significance of word-of-mouth and review sites during the buying cycle, new communication channels to focus on and effective follow-up strategies.

3. 2019 Video In Business Benchmarks—What You Need To Know

Video continues to be a popular medium in marketing. In fact, research shows that businesses in the top-three industries publish more than on video per day on average. But there is more to video marketing that posting a clip on YouTube.

Tyler Lessard, VP of Marketing at Vidyard, will disclose key findings from the 2019 Video in Business Benchmark Report during this webcast. Attendees will learn how companies are using video to support content marketing, digital marketing, demand gen, ABM program efforts and more. Plus, Tyler will share his video predictions for 2020 and beyond.

4. Unlocking Buyer Insights With Content Analytics

In order to be successful, companies need to not only look at the content their buyers are consuming but also why they’re consuming it.

This session, starring Pam Didner, Founder of Relentless Pursuit, and Meg Guarente, Product Marketing Manager at Seismic, zeros in on content engagement analysis so companies can better understand buyer preferences, as well as what to look for as they monitor the buyer journey.

5. Marketing Leaders Reveal Secrets To Impactful Buyer-Focused Content

As technology continues to evolve and change, so does content. During this session, Alicia Esposito of Content4Demand and a panel of practitioners will delve into all things content marketing, ranging from implementing effective copy tone and style to leveraging different formats, such as auditory storytelling, interactive content and “meme-like content.”

The panel will feature Amanda Maksymiw, Content Marketing Director at Fuze, as well as Dave Bruno, Marketing Director at Aptos, who will discuss their successful approaches to effective storytelling.

To view the full lineup of #bii19 sessions and speakers or to register for the event, click here.

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Salesforce Exec Shares 4 Steps To A Successful ABM Strategy During ABM Revealed Salesforce Exec Shares 4 Steps To A Successful ABM Strategy During ABM Revealed

Rolling out an ABM campaign is no small task, but research from Demand Gen Report shows that potential payoffs are big. More than half of B2B organizations (56%) say ABM has improved marketing and sales alignment, 46% say it has resulted in a more efficient use of marketing resources and 33% say it has streamlined the customer acquisition path.

During ABM Revealed, an online “master class” hosted by the ABM Leadership Alliance, marketing practitioners and experts shared their secrets for ABM success, including how to align sales and marketing, increase account engagement across channels and measure the impact of your campaigns. In one session titled, “Up Close with Salesforce: Four Steps to a Successful ABM Strategy,” Kevin Baldacci, Senior Product Marketing Manager of Salesforce, offered an in-depth look at a Salesforce ABM campaign that targeted discrete manufacturers and drove more than $4 million in pipeline. According to Baldacci, the campaign’s success was driven by four key steps:

1) Identifying The Right Accounts


Without the right data in place, your marketing dollars may be wasted on chasing down the wrong target accounts and sending personalized messages to outdated contacts. Before diving into this ABM campaign, Salesforce started by going through its existing data.

“A majority of our time in the very beginning was actually spent on cleaning and enriching our account data,” said Baldacci. “We ran an assessment with our existing data and a found a ton of duplicates. So, we merged them or deleted them, and got it very clean in terms of the account lists that we are going after.”

The company also used Einstein Analytics to evaluate the data and ensure it was going after the right accounts. By doing this, Salesforce was able to confirm that manufacturing was the second largest industry in terms of account volume and average deal size. From there, the company built out its ICP and enhanced account profiles with trusted data to set the stage for success.

2) Improving Customer Engagement


Once you’ve Marie Kondo’d your marketing data and identified your target audience, it’s time to focus on engagement. The key here is to make sure you’re leveraging a variety of channels throughout the buyer’s journey to break through to those top-tier accounts.

“A lot of times, we’ll talk to companies and they’ll think ABM is really just that first touch and ‘how do I send out a personalized, targeted ad or personalized direct mail and get someone to call us back?’” said Baldacci. “We don’t look at it like that. We look at it as a journey.”

According to Baldacci, this journey includes four key stages: awareness, engagement, consideration and close. To hit each stage, Salesforce used a skilled mixture of targeted ads that addressed buyer pain points, direct mailers designed to engage prospects, webinars that showcased Salesforce products up close and personal and field events where reps could meet directly with prospective customers.

3) Aligning Marketing & Sales


Despite its name, ABM isn’t just about marketing. It takes a dedicated team effort from both marketing and sales to move accounts through the funnel.

“More than half of the buyer’s journey is sales driven,” said Baldacci. “So, we want to make sure that marketing is doing everything they can to supply sales with all the right content and enablement to make sure we’re seeing the fruits of our labor from that ABM journey.”

Salesforce therefore created a checklist to certify that marketing and sales were aligned around target accounts, messaging, lead management and more. The company also generated “Clean Your Room” dashboards to keep the sales team accountable and make sure that leads weren’t getting lost during handoff.

4) Measuring & Optimizing


Metrics are perhaps just as important as clean contact and account data. Without the proper metrics in place, you won’t be able to get a holistic view of how your ABM programs are performing or identify gaps in the funnel for optimization. Baldacci said this is a critical process that shouldn’t be rushed.

“This wasn’t something we conceived and put into market with a month or two. This was really a 6-month to 12-month campaign,” said Baldacci. “Part of the benefit of doing these longer ABM campaigns is that you can always be optimizing. You don’t have to stick with what you have.”

Baldacci’s team looked at a variety of metrics throughout the funnel, including campaign impressions, frequency of engagement, conversion rates and days to close. These metrics provided valuable insight and helped the team confirm segment fit, adjust target lists, enable sales and more. In the end, Salesforce was able to close 100 new accounts and drive more than $4 million in pipeline. By following the steps above, you may see similar success.

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10 Quotes From ABM Revealed To Make You Rethink Your Campaigns 10 Quotes From ABM Revealed To Make You Rethink Your Campaigns

Last week, the AMB Leadership Alliance hosted ABM Revealed: How to Align, Engage and Measure for B2B Success, a two-and-a-half-hour virtual “master class” designed to provide registrants with strategic takeaways to help them maximize their ABM achievements.

To help you decide which on-demand session to watch first, we’ve compiled 10 of the top quotes from the event.

“Same is lame, which is why ABM works so well. It breaks through the clutter. The more you try to fit in, the more your customers and prospects will tune out. So instead, what I’m asking you to do is give them a story to tell.” — Jay Baer, Hall of Fame Keynote Speaker and Founder of Convince & Convert

“Embrace the journey. It’s got a lot of steps. It’s going to take quarters, years probably to become truly transformed by account-based. That’s OK. Embrace that journey, and don’t skip the steps.” — John Common, Founder and CEO, Intelligent Demand

“Professionals are spending 6.3 hours a day in their inbox. Rule #1 in marketing is to go where your audience is engaged. Should I do the math for you?” — Justin Keller, VP of Marketing, Sigstr

“With ABM, we’ve moved from a margarita glass to a champagne glass when it comes to our approach to marketing. In the old-school world, marketing would run as many demand gen programs as they could, get as many leads [and] names as they could, put them in the top of the funnel — or the top of the margarita glass … a very small percentage of those would actually flow through to close-won business. In an ABM world, it’s much more like the champagne glass. It’s a much narrower top of funnel because you’re focused on a very specific, discrete set of your accounts: your target account list.” — Jessica Fewless, VP of ABM Strategy, Demandbase

“It’s important for people at target accounts to engage with content for longer because if they are spending time on something, it means they are actually interested.” — Melissa Alonso, Director of Global Strategic Account Marketing, Qlik

“With [our] ABM campaign, this wasn’t something we conceived and put into market within a month or two. This was really a six-month to 12-month campaign. Part of the benefit of doing these longer, ABM campaigns is that you can always be optimizing. You don’t have to stick with what you have.” — Kevin Baldacci, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Salesforce

“We’ve got B2C companies like Pandora and Spotify and Netflix that are training us as consumers to be able to curate the content that we want to see, when we want to see it. So in some respects, we’ve become a little bit spoiled, which I love. But for B2B marketers, we’re having to catch up and say, ‘how do we actually get out ahead of this? How do we reach these people that could find value in our solutions, find value in our company? What can we bring to the table?’” — Marne Reed, Chief Evangelist & VP of Strategic Alliances, PFL

“You have to have content that’s highly personalized and engaging because it takes a lot of touchpoints to really get the engagement with the different members of the buying committee that you need in order to make ABM effective. Your content needs to be personalized at the account level. It needs to be measurable at the account level. And most importantly, variety here is the key. You need a wide variety of content formats and channels.” — Eli Snyder, Technology Strategy Director, Intelligent Demand

“I think what gets me most excited about the idea of events — whether it be the gathering that I host or other events that I attend — is that as we become increasingly social and digital, there’s something special about the human interaction, human connection, face-to-face, that you just can’t replicate via webinars, livestreaming, emails, video conference calls, etc. So, I think there’s something very intimate and almost sacred about doing things face-to-face on occasion.” — Chris Kneeland, Co-Founder and CEO, Cult Collective LP

“There’s bajillion of vendors out there, filling up our email inboxes with all these pitches for different technology that can solve all of our ABM problems and make our dreams come true. But for us, we needed to prioritize the right technology … We don’t have time to buy every technology on the market, so we decided to lean on key tools versus building up a huge tech stack and making huge investments in all these technology solutions that would be hard to prove ROI.” — Jenn Kloc, Senior Marketing Manager, Jellyvision

All of the sessions from ABM Revealed are now available on-demand. Click here to start binging and get your ABM programs in shape.

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M&A Wave Coming In The Martech/Salestech Space? Tableau, Looker Deals Signal Future Consolidation M&A Wave Coming In The Martech/Salestech Space? Tableau, Looker Deals Signal Future Consolidation

The month of June brought in a heat wave of M&A activity in the software/technology category, and the megadeals that took place could point to future deals more directly impacting the martech and salestech categories.

Things started to get interesting the first week of June when Google announced plans to acquire Looker for $2.6 billion. The analytics startup had raised more than $280 million, and had reportedly surpassed the $100 million mark in revenue, which starts to draw serious interest as a potential public offering or as a high-profile acquisition.

That deal was quickly overshadowed when the news broke last week that Salesforce acquired data visualization giant Tableau for $15.7 billion. That acquisition marked one of the largest enterprise deals in the software category, and followed an aggressive acquisition path for Salesforce, which included last year’s purchase of MuleSoft for $6.5 billion.

The consolidation wave struck closer to the marketing and sales tech space on June 13, when Dun & Bradstreet announced a definitive agreement to acquire Lattice Engines. By adding Lattice Engines’ AI-powered customer data platform, Dun & Bradstreet is looking to better enable B2B brands to scale ABM and cross-channel marketing programs.

So, what does this ramp-up of deal-making mean to the rest of the martech and salestech world, and who could be the next acquisition?

I asked a few industry insiders about which companies they expect to see in the headlines in the coming weeks, and here are some of the names that came up:

Demandbase: Insiders point out that the leader in the ABM category is at the $100 million revenue mark, which is often considered the threshold for taking a company public. Demandbase also has an impressive customer list with several Fortune 500 brands, as well as strong retention rates.

Outreach: Back in April, the sales engagement platform announced a $114 million Series E round, which brought its funding raised up to $239 million and gave it official unicorn status with a valuation over the $1 billion mark. The sales automation space is a hot area, and given their huge growth, other large enterprise players in the CRM category could zero in on Outreach.

Drift: Leading the charge around conversational marketing, the company has seen explosive growth since being founded in 2015. Industry insiders point out that marketing automation platforms like Marketo and Hubspot are going to need an answer for this emerging engagement channel, which could make Drift an attractive target.

SalesLoft: Another leading player in the sales engagement space, SalesLoft announced a $70 million Series D round back in April 2019, bringing its total funds raised up to $145 million. Given that the company has tight integration with LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator Platform, and that LinkedIn participated as an investor in their most recent round, industry watchers have speculated that LinkedIn could eventually decide to acquire SalesLoft and expand its offerings for B2B sales executives.

Terminus: This deal would be on the smaller scale compared to some of the other companies, but insiders report that this fast-growing company keeps popping up in conversations and could be a nice target for bigger brands looking to strengthen their offerings in advertising or ABM.

Please keep in mind that none of the above is based on anything more than industry gossip, so don’t make any investment decisions based on these predictions. But given the strong cash positions of large corporations and the recent tax reform, it is expected that 2019 will continue to be a record year for the M&A space.

We’d like to keep the conversation going, so let us know if there are other companies you’d expect to be on this list, and what impact you think it will have on B2B marketers.

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‘ABM Revealed’ Is A One-Stop-Shop For Modern Marketing Leaders ‘ABM Revealed’ Is A One-Stop-Shop For Modern Marketing Leaders

Although ABM has become an increasingly popular strategy for B2B companies, many organizations have a difficult time carrying out an effective account-based strategy from start to finish. That’s where the ABM Revealed event comes in.

On Wednesday, June 19, from 9:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. PT, the ABM Leadership Alliance will present ABM Revealed: How to Align, Engage and Measure for B2B Success, a virtual “master class” for marketers to learn the ins and outs of ABM.

The online event will kick off with two keynote speakers: New York Times best-selling author and Hall of Fame Keynote Speaker and Emcee Jay Baer, followed by Intelligent Demand’s John Common and Eli Snyder. Baer will uncover practical tips for successfully communicating company messages, while Common and Snyder will offer guidance for strategically assessing where a company is within its ABM journey and how to effectively utilize marketing tools to drive revenue impact through ABM programming.

Cassandra Jowett, Director of Integrated Marketing at PathFactory, said she is looking forward to hearing Common and Snyder speak.

“There is so much marketing technology out there that claims to help with ABM,” she said in an interview with Demand Gen Report. “I’m interested to see how much they break out the different jobs to be done within ABM and align all the various technologies to each one.”

The last hour grants registrants some freedom, as they will have the option to attend a session from one of three content tracks, followed by live Q&As. These include:

  • Align track sessions for registrants to obtain insights on aligning sales, marketing and customer support to gain synergies and success;
  • Engage track sessions for registrants to explore tactics and strategies to maximize engagement across accounts from content and video to social and more; and
  • Measure track sessions for registrants to learn standards and best practices for technology, data and metrics.

Within this master class, there will be 13 case studies, which Jowett, who will be speaking about the changing expectations of B2B buyers, said are important when it comes to learning more about ABM.

“When the ABM Leadership Alliance met to discuss which resources would be most valuable to B2B marketers in 2019, there still weren’t enough practical case studies that marketers like us could learn from,” Jowett said. “Our mission with ABM Revealed is to pull back the curtain on the best account-based marketing strategies we could find among our collective customers and put them in the spotlight.”

Also taking the virtual stage is Alon Waks, VP of Marketing at Bizzabo, who will speak on the power of human connection through the implementation of live events. He said the event will help marketers learn about educating their teams on ABM, as well as the decisions that go into executing new strategies.

“[Marketers] can learn what technology is needed and when, and [how to] ensure they invest in the offline and online needs [that] a modern effective ABM program requires,” Waks said in an interview with Demand Gen Report.

The two-and-a-half-hour virtual event will feature 26 ABM experts. All content track sessions will be available on-demand after 12:00 p.m. PT.

“If you are wondering how to focus your company on account versus leads or inbound versus outbound, this is a must-attend event for you,” Waks said.

To view the full lineup of sessions and speakers or to register for the event, click here.

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Choose Your Own Adventure At #B2BSMX Choose Your Own Adventure At #B2BSMX

Choose your own adventure stories are a wildly popular form of storytelling. From Netflix’s recent Black Mirror: Bandersnatch movie to Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead interactive video game series and the popular children’s book series from Bantam Books, choose your own adventure stories allow audiences to develop personalized stories based on their own decisions.

B2B marketers are already aware of buyers’ desire to consume content at their own volition and speed. Time-starved buyers want to decide the trajectory of their research and have an active choice in the content guiding them down the path to purchase. According to Demand Gen Report’s 2019 Content Preferences Survey Report86% of respondents said they prefer more interactive content that they can access on demand. In essence, buyers want to choose their own buying adventure.

But where’s the love for marketers in all of this? When is it their turn to write their own stories? Here’s a little secret: at the first-ever B2B Sales & Marketing Exchange, B2B marketers and revenue teams will get that opportunity. 

Building on the success of the B2B Marketing Exchange in Scottsdale, Ariz. in February, this new event brings together three of the industry’s premier programs #FlipMyFunnelREVTalks and Demand Gen Summit — under one roof to address the top priorities of B2B revenue teams. Attendees will have the unique opportunity to forge their own path and create an agenda tailored to their desires.

FlipMyFunnel: Find Your ABM Foundation

Attendees looking to learn how to best apply account-based principles to go-to-market strategies will enjoy the #FlipMyFunnel track, which will feature speakers from brands including Thomson Reuters, Terminus and Snowflake. 

The #FlipMyFunnel community was established by Terminus co-founder Sangram Vajre to bring together B2B marketers as they embrace ABM to share learnings and best practices through live events, a community knowledge site and a highly trafficked podcast series. It is the leading account-based community with more than 10,000 members.

REVTalks: Reshape Your Revenue Strategies

Get inspired and accelerate your path to revenue accountability by hearing the stories of 20+ professionals, each in an 18-minute “TEDTalks” format, who were able to impact revenue across their careers. Learn from their discoveries, lessons learned and “a-ha” moments to help you master the challenges of revenue accountability.

Speakers from brands such as The Pedowitz Group, Drift and HubSpot will focus on three major trends in the B2B world: digital transformation, business accountability and customer experience.

Demand Gen Summit: Discover Your Demand Gen Super Power

A core program of the B2B Marketing Exchangethe Demand Gen Summit will address topics such as lead nurturing, cross-channel marketing, reporting and the latest in B2B buyer behavior.

The track is dedicated to practitioners in marketing operations, demand gen and acquisition roles, with actionable sessions on front-line issues in performance marketing.

In addition to a large variety of sessions, attendees will have access to a slew of new programs, including B2B Mentors, B2B Labs, The Best In B2B Awards and more.

Your choices will determine the experience you have at #B2BSMX. Gear up to write your own story at the event, taking place August 12-13 at the new Encore Boston Harbor resort. For more information and to purchase your ticket, click here.

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