Why Calling ‘Plays’ Could Become A Critical Talent For B2B Marketers

When you hear B2B marketers talk amongst their peers or give presentations to an audience, terms like nurtures and campaigns are often the words they use to describe their initiatives to engage prospects. That vernacular is starting to shift a bit, though. At a recent “ABM After Hours” event in NYC, hosted by Everstring, instead of discussing nurture streams or campaign themes, the two speakers were referencing “coordinated plays” to…

Who Is The Selena Gomez Of The B2B Sphere?

Coca-Cola recently hit a marketing home run when pop artist Selena Gomez posted a picture of herself on Instagram holding the company’s iconic glass bottle. The photo became the most-liked of all time on the social media site, earning a whopping 5.1 million likes (as of Aug. 1).

When Curating Content, Don’t Pull A Melania Trump

This is Melania Trump. Melania was recently accused of taking excerpts from Michelle Obama’s 2008 speech from the Democratic National Convention and using them in her own speech at this year’s Republican National Convention. If you’re a marketer, think of Melania’s speech as a piece of poorly curated content that wasn’t cited properly. Don’t be Melania.

Industry Experts Weigh In On Microsoft’s LinkedIn Acquisition

With Microsoft spending a whopping $26.2 billion to purchase LinkedIn, the company is positioning itself with the likes of Salesforce to offer businesses a connected community and technology stack. However, thought leaders in the space are hesitant to call the purchase a win or a loss — It ultimately depends on how Microsoft intends to incorporate LinkedIn into its current offerings. We asked five industry experts how Microsoft’s acquisition of…

Do Leads Matter Anymore?

As part of the excitement building around account-based marketing (ABM), there has been a growing school of thought that leads and conventional funnel metrics will become a thing of the past.

Sales In Transition: How To Thrive In The Age Of The Customer

As digitally-savvy business buyers become more self-directed and less reliant on sales reps, the role of the sales person is going through a major transition. Both marketing and sales teams need to adapt their approach, and that will require new skills and new tools.

Cult Of Personality: How Dan Lyons’ “Disrupted” Has Me Pondering Marketing Culture

(Image Courtesy of Paul Vogelzang) Like possibly many people in the B2B marketplace, I was excited when I received my copy of Dan Lyons’ book Disrupted: My Misadventure in the Start-Up Bubble. The look-behind-the-curtain of one of the biggest players in marketing technology was really intriguing to me; I also was eager to see what Lyons could possibly have to say that would cause two executives to do some allegedly illegal things to get…

Finny Friday: How Booker Software Drives Campaign Results With Technology

Editor’s Note: Welcome to Finny Friday, our monthly blog dedicated to celebrating Killer Content Award winners from throughout the years. Stay tuned for future installments where we dive deeply into what makes killer content. Effective B2B marketing campaigns are comprised of a variety of factors: engaging content, well-timed messaging and more. However, leveraging an integrated, streamlined technology stack to measure success in real-time and adapt to buyer needs on the fly…

5 Ways B2B Companies Can Rule Instagram

With its emphasis on visual context, it’s no surprise that Instagram has become a huge platform for B2C companies. But when I started thinking about how the channel could benefit B2B companies, I had to pause. I understand why most B2B companies turn to Twitter and LinkedIn to engage with followers. A major con for Instagram is that it doesn’t allow the user to include direct links in their captions…

Finny Friday: How Event Farm Harvested Quality Leads With Key Influencers

Editor’s Note: Welcome back to Finny Friday, our monthly blog dedicated to celebrating Killer Content Award winners from throughout the years. In a world where B2B buyers are often bombarded with information, it helps to stand out from the crowd. That’s why more and more marketers are relying on the help of industry experts and key influencers to help elevate their brand message and generate leads. That’s exactly what Event Farm did with its Future…

#SDSummit In A Nutshell

Demand Gen Report and Content4Demand closed out the final day of the SiriusDecisions Summit in Nashville and it was a busy week (to say the least). We joined thousands of our fellow marketing and demand gen pals to acquire the latest research, models and methodologies from the SiriusDecisions team.
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