Podcast: Combatting Digital Fatigue With Tactile Marketing

Published: December 7, 2020

We get it, everyone’s inboxes are flooded with webinar and virtual event invitations. So how do you stand out from competitors in a way that wows audiences and generates the engagement you’d expect from a physical event? Tactile marketing is the key (and we know from personal experience!). 
For this year’s B2B Sales & Marketing Exchange online experience, Demand Gen Report partnered with PFL to send attendees swag boxes filled with goodies to get people excited for the event. We sent more than 1,200 personalized packages to their homes and saw an outstanding 70% attendance rate! Plus, our attendees raved about the kits, sharing pictures online and engaging with us. 
In this episode, our Editorial Director Andrew Gaffney sits down with Nick Runyon, CMO of PFL, to discuss the planning behind the box and how we brought it to life. They also discussed: 

  • The budget required to add a direct mail program into your marketing mix; 
  • Creative ideas on what to include in your mailers; 
  • The lead time required to do a successful mailing; and
  • Key considerations to get direct mail integrated into your digital initiatives.

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