Q&A With Uberflip CEO Yoav Schwartz: How To Prioritize Personalization & Actionable Data

Published: May 31, 2022

Yoav Schwartz chosenUberflip is a cloud-based content experience platform (CEP) that connects buyers with relevant content. The recently announced integration between Uberflip and 6sense aims to enable customers to see previously anonymous companies or user profiles visiting their website as well as the stage of the buyer journey they’re in. With these latest product updates, data is being launched to the forefront resulting in increased buyer visibility.

Uberflip enhanced multiple features on its platform to make insights more accessible and actionable including:

  • Sales Assist enhancements so sellers can gate content, add calls to action in a sales stream and prioritize outreach based on analytics;
  • Ability to embed analytics dashboards in other assets to enable marketers and sellers to see data where they work most often; and
  • Deeper account-level insights so customers can now see which accounts are engaging, how and where they’re engaging and how all of it affects deals.

The Demand Gen Report team sat down with Yoav Schwartz, CEO of Uberflip, to discuss the company’s latest products and integrations. As we dove deeper into the updates, Schwartz shed some light on how prioritizing personalization results in unprecedented insights into the customer funnel and why increasing actionable data will strengthen the overall content experience.

Demand Gen Report: What are some of the industry trends that inspired your team to enhance Uberflip’s data offering?

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Yoav Schwartz: Our company’s focus is helping customers create the most compelling user experiences with their content to generate the highest level of engagement. We know that buyers are self-educating throughout almost the entire journey, so creating a great way for them to find the content they need to make that business decision is critical.

Uberflip’s been the de facto leader in creating a Netflix-like experience for our customers, but it’s also about the data and understanding how effectively buyers are moving through the buyer journey. It’s imperative that we complete the cycle to show marketers what’s working and what’s not. It’s a continuous journey. We’ve always had great analytics; they’ve just gotten deeper and stronger.

DGR: Will Uberflip continue to focus on first-party data and third-party data in 2022?

Schwartz: Uberflip truly positions itself as a full buyer journey content experience platform. Last quarter, we partnered with 6sense to implement its third-party data into Uberflip analytics. Going a few quarters before that, we launched enrichment of first-party data, namely Marketo, to provide marketers with vital information about their visitors.

Our most recent collaboration with 6sense will help uncover anonymous accounts before users have gathered first-party data, showing marketers how their content is pushing new visitors from an awareness stage down to consideration. That’s very powerful data, and now you can see a full spectrum view of that buyer’s journey.

DGR: How will the collaboration with 6sense act as a game-changer for the entire go-to-market team?

Schwartz: Our partnership with 6sense will provide users with a full view of content’s role in moving accounts and visitors through the buyer’s journey, which includes everything from generating awareness and consideration to identifying intent, converting customers and creating brand advocates. We also launched an enhancement to sales assistance since marketers have an army of sales reps at their disposal.

In the past, marketing and sales were two separate departments that never really worked that well together. The marketing team generates opportunities while the sales side closes business. It was important for Uberflip to figure out a way to bring those two groups together because at the end of the day, sales reps are just a continuation of marketing. All sales data gets funneled into marketing automation and Uberflip’s analytics. Now we have this sales rep army working for marketing to help them complete these pictures for accounts.

DGR: How has data privacy inspired the innovations in your program, especially regarding personalization?

Schwartz: With all the data privacy and protection of personally identifiable information, it forced us as marketers to be much more focused on personalization with the data that we can use. We have signals that come from either Demandbase, 6sense or Bombora that allow us to make decisions that can then enable us to capture first-party data.

A person who is filling out a form and giving you their information feels like they’ve already been personally chosen in a way. They didn’t just come into a generic experience; they are there because you’ve already targeted their needs — and now they want more. They want to help you target them because they know they’re more than just a number and they’re important to your company. Data privacy has forced us to get good at personalizing with the third-party data that we’re allowed to use so that we can capture that first-party data, and then get really personalized.

DGR: Why is it so important for Uberflip to deliver customized experiences for its customers?

Schwartz: When you are listening to Spotify or watching Netflix, you want a curated experience. When we’re listening to music or watching shows, we’re there just for the content — not anything else. In the B2B sphere, the experience that we want as consumers is the same, but the outcome is very different. The point is not to keep somebody on your resource center or personalized microsite indefinitely; you want to provide them with the information that they need to make a purchasing decision as quickly as possible to reach a conclusion.

While the outcome is very different, the experience needs to be the same. It needs to be engaging, easy to discover and enjoyable to consume, no matter what device you’re on. An engaging content experience is the absolute most critical part of this equation and the leading principle needed to drive a business towards success.

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