Reinvent Your GTM & Demand Gen Strategies At B2BMX East With Pam Didner

Published: June 11, 2024

It’s tough to find two more topics that are more top-of-mind for B2B practitioners than artificial intelligence (AI) and go-to-market (GTM) initiatives. As such, the B2B Marketing Exchange East will feature a Pam Didner double feature on day one, as the B2B marketing consultant, writer, podcaster, speaker and author will host two sessions that focus on the role of AI in demand generation and the core tenants needed to build and execute successful GTM practices.

Throughout her sessions, Didner will help attendees:

Unlock GTM Excellence During A Hands-On Workshop

First, Didner will host a workshop centered around the essential three key components of GTM planning to provide B2B marketers with the knowledge and templates needed to assemble a robust plan, align their teams and maximize the odds of success. Throughout the hands-on session, she plans to help attendees:

  • Understand definition of GTM to scope out their marketing plan;
  • Craft their product messaging by identifying unique selling points and areas of differentiation;
  • Create target marketing outreach and optimize their marketing channels with relevant content to create a seamless customer experience;
  • Enable, train and onboard sales teams about new products to ensure they are prepared for a GTM launch; and
  • Collaborate with relevant team members to develop a comprehensive plan.

This high-value Workshop is exclusively available to All-Access Pass holders, who also receive the luxury of attending another Workshop session on day three of the event and unlock additional mentoring and networking opportunities!

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Optimize Demand Gen Through AI During An Interactive Campfire-Style Session

Later that same day, Didner will host a Campfire-style keynote for all pass holders that will dive into how demand generation and nurturing have grown increasingly challenging as customers are bombarded with ads and messaging from all channels. Throughout the interactive session, she will share insights into how practitioners can optimization their demand generation efforts through AI by focusing on how to:

  • Effectively integrate AI into lead generation outreach;
  • Identify areas to automate within workflows; and
  • Optimize content’s potential for successful lead generation.

To snag your seat to the Didner Day festivities, register for B2B Marketing Exchange East now. Ticket prices are currently at their lowest possible rate, so don’t wait! And, to unlock more insights from Pam, check out the latest episode of the B2B Marketing Exchange podcast!

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