What Are the Biggest Developments In ABM Now & In The Future?

Published: April 1, 2020

Everyone’s talking about and/or doing ABM, but yet, key elements of the strategy can still be confusing to practitioners. Here’s a video that can help answer some of your top ABM questions quickly.

Recorded live at #B2BMX for Triblio’s new “Ask An ABM Expert” series, the video features Demand Gen Report’s Andrew Gaffney and Triblio’s Chief Customer Officer Andrew Mahr, who had a unique conversation about how ABM has developed in the last five years, and where it is headed in the future as ABM marketers become more efficient and sophisticated in their data-based approach.

The conversation covers the following topics:

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  • Sales activation and why it is so important;
  • Key channels needed for ABM;
  • The role of intent data in ABM;
  • How AI should really be applied in ABM, versus how it is currently used; and
  • How to get internal stakeholders on board with ABM metrics.

If you’re an account-based marketer thinking of how to expand your team, move expertise in-house or educate your teammates about the importance of ABM, this video is a great conversation starter or pick-me-up to help get your creative juices flowing. Be on the lookout for the next video in this series next week for more tips and tricks for your account-based strategy.

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