Citrix Enhances Campaigns With Data-Driven, Personalized Content

Published: June 7, 2018

Citrix, a cloud computing company, needed a marketing solution that would enhance the customer journey with personalization. The company selected Evergage, a real-time personalization platform, to boost its marketing campaigns.

The Challenge

According to Dennis White, Web Business Analyst at Citrix, the company sought a solution that would collect and analyze customer data to create customized campaigns.

“We needed something that was easy to implement and could differentiate the intent of our visitors and deliver different styles of content based on each person’s place in the sales funnel,” said White. “Presenting a top-of-funnel visitor with product trial content doesn’t help anyone, and we had to change that dynamic.”

The Solution

Citrix considered a number of solutions and relied on use cases to test solution strengths and functionality.

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“Software evaluations are rarely apples-to-apples and simply assembling a list of features to cross off isn’t really feasible,” said White. “The winner had to solve Citrix-specific problems and be able to nurture customers through an extended sales cycle.”

Evergage emerged as the top solution with the capability to generate customized content for varying buyer needs.

“[Evergage] was centered on the ability to build individual user profiles and accomplish 1:1, real-time content delivery,” added White. “Everyone on our product review panel agreed that this capability added the most value.”

The Result

Evergage provided Citrix with better customer insights and enabled the company to identify what marketing strategies were working, as well as the ones that weren’t, according to White.

As a result, Citrix was able to generate content that met individual buyer needs and deliver the right content at the right time.

“The customer always knows what they want,” said White. “Unfortunately, we don’t always exactly know what that experience should be, and Evergage helps us learn how to bridge the gaps rapidly.”

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