BoomTown Cuts Cost-Per-Lead In Half, Gains Channel Clarity With Invoca Call Intelligence

BoomTown, a sales and marketing software provider for the real estate industry, implemented Invoca’s call intelligence platform to gain deeper clarity into its marketing and sales performance. The company wanted to have better conversations with prospects and identify what was working — and not working — in their marketing initiatives.

The Challenge

BoomTown experienced considerable success through its email and display advertising channels, which prompted recipients to give the company a call to learn more about its solution. BoomTown used a call intelligence solution in the past, but that tool was unable to provide its marketing team the granular insight it required to make more informed business decisions and further grow the company.

“As we were ramping up at the end of 2015, we were making changes across marketing, and [we] needed more clarity for every channel where leads were coming through the door,” said Rivers Pearce, Director of Marketing at BoomTown, in an interview with Demand Gen Report.

The Solution

BoomTown set up a side-by-side test between Invoca and a competitor. The goal for Pearce’s team was to identify the solution that would provide much more granular data from its call intelligence.

The company’s main goal for this deeper insight was to better track the channels where calls were originating. This included email, AdWords, display advertising, a company website and more.

“We wanted to have clarity around every marketing initiative — both online and offline,” said Pearce. “Being able to do that at this level helps highlight what works and what doesn't in our marketing initiatives.”

Ultimately, BoomTown chose Invoca due to the success that they saw, as well as the additional benefits obtained from the solution. A noticeable plus found in leveraging Invoca was its Salesforce integration. When a call comes through the door, a lead profile is auto created in Salesforce.

“When an SDR picks up the phone, they already have all the information they needed,” said Pearce. This prevents reps from having to pause conversations and allows for a smoother customer experience.

The Results

BoomTown’s cost-per-lead was reduced by half “just by turning Invoca on,” according to Pearce. Integrations with Salesforce and Adroll ties callers to any known leads in the CRM, which uncovers past engagement with the brand. 

The company receives roughly 1,500 calls a month, and the integrations save reps roughly two minutes on calls, according to Pearce.

“This provides reps more time to follow up and enhance workflow to generate more business,” said Pearce. “We now get clarity for sales as well as marketing. It's 2016; we need to be operating with this type of data.”