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IDC Teams Up With Ecosystems To Develop All-In-One Value Management Solution

International Data Corporation (IDC), a global market intelligence firm, has partnered with sales and marketing platform Ecosystems to create an all-in-one solution designed to help businesses differentiate their brands in the market and provide customized experiences based on industry research.

This partnership aims to help B2B companies use buyer discussions to create customer-validated data for brand improvement and differentiation. The all-in-one solution will combine Ecosystems’ value management platform and IDC’s industry trends research to collaborate and consent with customers on quantified business value.

"We are so excited about this strategic partnership because we believe it offers radical simplicity for the B2B seller," said Chad Quinn, CEO of Ecosystems, in a statement. "Whereas, before they had to go to multiple sources to get the right industry content and research, it is now all available in the Ecosystem SaaS platform. Sellers can now lead with insights rather than products and engage at higher levels in their prospect's organization."