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Bevy Acquires Eventtus To Enhance Enterprise Event Capabilities

Bevy, an enterprise event platform, acquired event management software Eventtus to enhance its event management capabilities and provide users with new tools to help manage virtual and in-person attendance and scale for hybrid events.

Bevy is designed as an end-to-end community event engine, which aims to provide enterprise users a 360-degree view of their event attendees and measure the impact of their efforts. The company mainly caters to mid- and large-sized enterprise businesses looking to build communities for buyers, sellers and organizations with their events.

Through the acquisition, Bevy plans to enhance its event tech stack with additional engagement tools and a mobile in-person conference app. The company hopes that its users can leverage these tools to create seamless event experiences between in-person and virtual attendees, and potentially adopt a hybrid event model more efficiently.

“Enterprises have invested in creating connected communities for their customers, employees and partners,” said Derek Andersen, CEO and Co-founder of Bevy, in a statement. “Events are not only an extension of these communities but also provide an important channel for driving ongoing engagement. With this acquisition, we can now further advance our leadership role in enterprise events by delivering an end-to-end white labeled event system of record that helps enterprise leaders build even stronger and more engaged communities.”