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BrightEdge Integrates Content Performance Tool With Adobe

BrightEdge logoBrightEdge, a content performance marketing platform provider, announced the launch of Content Optimizer 3.0, a tool designed to provide marketers with insights into competitors’ content.

Content Optimizer 3.0 integrates with Adobe Experience Manager, intended to help users tap into web-wide competitor content data, and apply that data to be prepare a more strategic content creation initiative.

The solution’s features include:

  • Consumer demand targeting through specific keywords and topics to boost content performance;
  • A progress bar that highlights the users content optimization process, while also providing content creation best practices; and
  • Functionalities allowing users to maximize the overall effectiveness of their content within the user's website and mobile site limitations.


"The key to success in such a competitive ecosystem lies in the creation of targeted content that is optimized fully at the time of creation and built to win," said Jim Yu, CEO at BrightEdge. "To remain competitive, marketers need to understand performance data and what their competitors are doing to gain actionable insights for optimizing their own content."

The announcement comes after a recent year of growth, where BrightEdge saw its customer-base grow by 50% and new corporate offices open in Tokyo, Seattle, Sydney and Chicago. The company states that more than 1,000 customers use its solution to gain a competitive edge in the digital content landscape.