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CaliberMind Enters Marketo LaunchPoint Partnership

Source: CaliberMind Source: CaliberMind

CaliberMind, a B2B customer data platform, announced that it has joined the Marketo LaunchPoint Technology Partner Program to help marketing and sales teams connect, analyze and automate data across their entire tech stack.

CaliberMind’s Customer Data Platform is designed to link data from a marketer’s CRM to create a comprehensive view of target accounts and buyers. It is also positioned to automate workflows and analyze marketing activity and engagement. As a result of the partnership, CaliberMind will be integrated directly into the Marketo Engagement Platform.

"CaliberMind is excited to be partnering with Marketo," said Raviv Turner, Co-Founder and CEO of CaliberMind, in a statement. "Marketo customers are using CaliberMind to unlock their marketing data value by orchestrating day-to-day heavy data tasks, such as lead qualification, account scoring, list validation, GDPR compliance and micro-segmentation, to acquire new buyers and grow revenue.”