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Clearbit Releases New Feature To Help Marketing Teams Instantly Access High-Intent Buyers

Clearbit, a B2B marketing intelligence provider, launched Capture, a new capability designed to help marketing teams more efficiently drive pipeline by automating intent-based outreach for best-fit website visitors.

Capture seeks to help marketing teams build automated workflows that engage the right people at the right time from the right companies with intent-based outreach campaigns. Specifically, Capture helps teams automatically add leads, accounts and key contacts that match their audience criteria to Salesforce to assist marketing in identifying the best contacts to immediately reach out to.

“Clearbit Capture is a game changer for marketing teams who want to discover and deliver more high-quality leads,” said Kevin Tate, CMO of Clearbit, in a statement. “Capture takes our precise company and intent data and uses it to tee up key buyer contacts for marketing and sales teams to engage at just the right time. It’s the most efficient and effective way to expand high-value pipeline from your website.”