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Conductor Launches Single Sign-On Integration With ContentKing

Conductor, an enterprise organic marketing platform, released its single sign-on (SSO) integration with ContentKing. Earlier this year, Conductor acquired the cloud-based service designed to provide real-time SEO auditing and change management to maintain search engine visibility.

Since the acquisition, both teams have brought together their people, technology and operations to help customers achieve greater organic marketing results in one place. The release of an SSO integration seeks to establish contextual cross-navigation between the two platforms to provide customers with access to both products from one account.

“We believe in a world where organic marketing is a top priority for all organizations, because delivering customer-first content is both the best way to solve people’s problems and the best way for companies to grow revenue from digital channels,” said Seth Besmertnik, CEO and Co-founder of Conductor, in a statement. “With ContentKing, we take one big leap closer to realizing our vision.”