Evergage Unveils Personalization Extension For Email

52b567a6b97346608f098222898c769bPersonalization platform vendor Evergage has launched Evergage for Email, an offering which extends the company’s real-time personalization capabilities to email. This can allow marketers to deliver one-to-one experiences to customers wherever they engage with the brand.

Evergage for Email provides marketers with the ability to tailor campaigns for individuals while taking into account their unique buying intent and preferences. The solution is designed to apply personalization logic and algorithms to insert personalized content, messages and recommendations within an email message, including:

  • Product recommendations;
  • Relevant content, such as an E-book that has not been downloaded; and
  • Targeted cross-sell messages.

“Over the last year, we have heard a number of our customers say they need to be able to extend the real-time personalization they’re doing with Evergage on their websites and mobile apps into email,” said Karl Wirth, CEO and Co-Founder of Evergage, in a statement. “Evergage for Email allows companies to truly understand each and every visitor’s online intent and then – based on this information – include uniquely targeted content in their outgoing email campaigns.”