Infer Unveils Predictive Prospect Management Platform

Infer, a predictive technology provider, has launched its prospect management platform intended to customer profiles and identify opportunities within their prospect database.

The Prospect Management platform positions marketing and sales teams to segment prospective buyers based on a variety of internal and external data signals, as well as predictive lead scores. This aims to give users a holistic view of their prospects and help formulate campaigns and messaging that has a positive impact on their prospect's buying experience.

Other features include:

  • A recommendations engine designed make smart, actionable recommendations about whom to contact, when to engage and with which content;
  • Dashboards and visualizations intended to measure the impact of each prospect group, so sales and marketing teams can assess their program initiatives; and
  • Ephemeral lists that can move prospects in and out of profiles as their behavior signals or businesses evolve — in real time.

"Infer Prospect Management is not only exposing a broad array of input signals to inform segmentation, personalized workflows and third-party applications, but also layering on recommendations and next-best actions that can be kicked off with just one click," said Vik Singh, Co-founder and CEO of Infer.