Influitive Unveils Communities Tool For Advocate Marketing Hub

InfluitiveInfluitive launched Influitive Communities, an extension of the company's advocate marketing platform designed to help B2B organizations create customer communities that enhance engagement, build brand credibility and boost revenue.

Available through the company's Advocate Hub, Influitive Communities intends to offer member management capabilities with advocate marketing features to enable B2B marketers tocreate thriving customer communities that boost member engagement and impact pipeline.

The tool also positions users to:

  • Increase community participation through rewards, social capital and competition features;
  • Boost customer engagement through user-generated content offered by brand advocates;
  • Identify and nurture new advocates toward higher-value activities, such as referrals, references and reviews

"Communities sometimes end up devolving into tech support forums," said Jim Williams, VP of Marketing for Influitive, in an interview with Demand Gen Report. "That's not the kind of place a B2B marketer/sales rep would send a prospective client."