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Integrate Unveils Campaign Measurement App For Oracle Eloqua Users

Integrate placeitIntegrate, a cloud-based marketing platform provider, launched its Closed-Loop Media Optimizer app for Oracle Eloqua users. The app is designed to provide a holistic view of campaign performance to optimize spend and boost customer acquisition.

Announced at the Modern Marketing Experience, the app enables Eloqua users to automate closed-loop KPI reporting within Eloqua’s Campaign Canvas, positioning users to make KPI data actionable on the Integrate dashboard in real-time.

The app also allows users to:

  • Identify which campaigns, partners, content and placements are driving the highest ROI;
  • Automate real-time returns processing, intended to increase campaign reporting and accounting accuracy; and
  • Connect the dots between paid media and its impact on marketing.

“There is a disconnect between media and marketing today,” said Jeremy Bloom, CEO, Integrate. “Part of that disconnect lies in the inability to fuel marketing systems with accurate media campaign data – and the other part stems from the difficulty doing this in a timely manner. With Integrate’s Closed-Loop Media Optimizer app, Eloqua customers are bridging these siloes. They no longer need to wait weeks or months to analyze media program performance. They can increase pipeline and marketing ROI almost instantly.”