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Leadspace Launches New Studio Platform

Leadspace, a B2B customer data platform, announced the release of Leadspace Studio at the Forrester B2B Summit. The AI-driven solution is designed to find, create and accelerate pipeline with the highest probability of conversion and directly activate it across marketing automation and digital media platforms.

Leadspace Studio aims to empower users to create closeable business deals. Studio capabilities include the ability to:

  • Leverage Leadspace’s Propensity, Persona and Intent Model portfolio;
  • Build Buyer Profiles with improved buyer profiling and targeting;
  • Improve go-to-market targeting with AI-recommended market and customer segmentation to identify the best buyers;
  • Activate Leadspace’s enriched, segmented and scored customer data directly in systems of record and engagement to align sales and marketing across all the channels of a digital business; and
  • Create the industry’s buyer profiles with the continued expansion and openness of Leadspace’s B2B Graph.

"Leadspace is on a mission to dramatically improve pipeline creation and conversion,” said Alex Yoder, CEO of Leadspace, in a statement. “Leadspace Studio is a game-changer. It’s the first full-funnel tool to make it easy to find, create and accelerate the demand that’s most likely to convert to revenue. Every CEO wants predictable growth. Every Sales and Marketing team wants to deliver it. We put the odds in their favor.”

For more insights into accelerating pipelines, download Leadspace’s Pipeline Impact Report.