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LookBookHQ Releases Content Canvas For Personalized Content Experiences

LookBookHQ placeitLookBookHQ, an engagement marketing platform provider, launched Content Canvas. The new tool is designed to provide more control over the content experience by allowing marketers to offer the right content to engaged prospects through their preferred channel. It also allows users to track how long a prospect views a piece of content.

Unveiled at the Oracle Marketing Cloud's Modern Marketing Experience in Las Vegas, NV, Content Canvas integrates with Oracle Eloqua's marketing automation platform — primarily with the Campaign Canvas feature. The integration positions Eloqua users to align content with nurture tracks that are setup in Campaign Canvas to boost content engagement, accelerate the buyer's journey and increase MQLs.

"Getting anyone's attention today is hard, so when you've got it, you need to hold onto it," said Mark Opausky, co-founder and CEO at LookBookHQ. "The addition of Content Canvas to the LookBook platform lets marketers maximize their prospect's or customer's engagement with the right content while they've got their attention. And even better, LookBooks capture rich engagement data that tells you who is engaged and what content is really working."