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Marketo Adds Real-Time Personalization, Calendar and SEO Features

marketologoMarketo unveiled new features, including real-time personalization, calendaring and planning and search engine optimization, at the 2014 Marketing Nation Summit this week.

“The foundation of our customer engagement platform relies on these five things: Understand the customer, orchestrate the engagement, personalize the engagement, manage and optimize,” said Phil Fernandez, President and CEO of Marketo, during the keynote address. "The idea of one-to-one marketing has been around so long that it has become synonymous with the unachievable — the holy grail of marketing, with our customer engagement platform and our continued innovation, it is not only possible, but it is here. And, marketers need it more than ever today as they compete for customers' time and attention."

Fernandez expanded on some of the new features and functions that are being rolled out.

Marketo Real-Time Personalization: This new application is designed to allow marketers to make their web site and mobile channels as personal as their emails. Fernandez said that by creating personalized experiences for web and mobile visitors, marketers drive dramatically higher time spent on site and up to 30% increases in conversion.  “You can even drill down to the company level if you are doing account-based marketing.”

Marketo Marketing Calendar: This new capability provides the ability to make changes and adjust programs based on data in real-time while helping marketing teams coordinate execution and share activities with internal audiences in a single place. Marketers also can immediately connect marketing plans and changes to execution activities in their campaign automation systems.

Marketo Search Engine Optimization: This tool is designed to help marketers without specialized knowledge improve web site rankings by analyzing keyword performance, suggesting new keywords and recommending web page optimization. “SEO is the sticky fly paper,” Fernandez. “Also, it is becoming increasingly important to do SEO well as content affects SEO.”