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Marketo Adds Seven New Partners To Accelerate Program

Marketo announced the addition of seven new partners to its partner acceleration program, Marketo Accelerate. In the partnership, Ceros, CleverTouch, Folloze, Lattice Engines, LeanData, nFüsz and will all be granted full access to the Marketo Engagement Platform, as well as sales enablement activities and co-marketing activities.

The partners specialize in interactive content creation, interactive touchscreens, account-based marketing, predictive marketing and sales, demand management, lead generation and marketing automation, respectively. Their combined technologies position Marketo users with tools to deliver personalized experiences at all stages of the buyer experience.

"Marketers have surpassed being a cost center and are now truly revenue drivers," said Shai Alfandary, VP and Global Head of Marketo, in a statement. "Each new partner who joins our ecosystem increases the ability of marketers to more closely align with sales and deliver results. These seven companies are great examples of that."